07 May 2021


554 / GALARIAN DARUMAKA - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Galarian Darumaka
Type: Ice
Species:  Zen Charm Pokémon
Height: 0.7 m (2'04″)
Weight: 40.0 kg (88.2 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Seismic shift in the Galar region long ago caused the warm climate to cool, and Darumaka in this region have adapted to this cooling. The fire that burned within their bodies went out, leaving an organ that produces cold air instead. The colder Darumaka gets, the more energetic it becomes. They can focus their internal energy to breathe out cold air in the form of snow, which they use to make snowballs for ammo in playful snowball fights with each other. Galarian Darumaka enjoys eating Berries produced by Snover. This leads it to prey on Snover often being driven off by Abomasnow.

Height: 11.4 cm/ 4.5 in
Width: 12.5 cm/ 4.9 in
Depth: 9.6 cm/ 3.8 in
Pages: 3
Pieces: 32
Level: Easy
Designer: Brandon
Photo: CrafterWong
Chibi shown below can be found here as well! 
NOTES: Build the model from the head down attaching the arms when you get there, and attach the gems and eyebrows before closing the model. In order to get the model to stand by itself  you have three choices: put weight into the right leg (when you look at the model from the front), build the stand provided, or build the chibi Darmuaka to use as a stand -it's just the right height! If you are putting weight in the right leg, build the right leg first and put weight inside of it, I personally placed 3 pennies in the leg. Regardless of what way you choose to get the model to stand, you would close the model with the left leg or tail.

Download: A4 / Letter

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