09 October 2008


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 Useful programs 

You need to download Pepakura Viewer if you really wanna get into papercraft. Every files/models that we create have a Pepakura file with them which can be use as 3D instructions. Very helpful if you're having troubles with a model.  

Adobe PDF is the basic format used to print documents of all kind. All our files contain PDFs for normal (lined and lineless) and shiny (lined and lineless) models. 

You use WinRAR to open the RAR archives which contain the files of the models. Mostly PMF's files. It opens also alot of other formats like ZIP too. (free, but can be registered) 
WinZIP (ZIP) You use WinZIP to open the ZIP archives which contain the files of the models. Same as WinRAR. (free, but can be registered) 
  Recommended sites

That's PMF's other blog about World of Warcraft Papercrafts. It contains more than 100 models with pretty much anything (monsters, helms, weapons, animals, treasure chests). 


Ichtus 7 Papercrafts is a blog where Icthus7 and his friend Enrique post their designed papercrafts. Thye have quite some wicked designs, so check it out! 


Ninjatoes is a Dutch designer who made many Nintendo Papercrafts. He also has some Star Trek models, along with Tomb Raider and Advance Wars papercrafts.

This site is kinda the Wikipedia of Pokémon; if you're looking for info on a Pokémon, search no further. Our Interesting Facts and Pokémon stats come from here as well!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new adobe-reader :)

stuessyc said...

hey when i try to get pepakura viewer it takes me to the pepakura designer page what to i do?

Brandon said...

@stuessyc Designer and Viewer are on the same page - you download Designer and also get Viewer