09 May 2014


279 / PELIPPER - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Water/Flying
Species: Water Bird Pokémon
Height: 1.2 m (3'11")
Weight: 28.0 kg (61.7 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Pelipper is a pelican-like Pokémon with no discernible neck. Its head and bill make up the majority of its body. It has white feathers, a yellow underbelly, and a blue head crest. Its large wings have three digits and blue wing tips. It has small, blue webbed feet, a short tail, and eyes that are made of two black semi-circles. It has a large bill and a throat pouch that it uses to carry small Pokémon and eggs and scoop food from the sea. It searches for food by skimming across the wave tops. After scooping the food, Pelipper swallows it in one big gulp. It builds its nest on steep cliffs facing the sea.

Height: 14.2 cm/5.6 in
Width: 19.6 cm/ 7.7 in
Depth: 22.9 cm/9.0 in
No. of Pages: 7
No. of Pieces: 34
Level: Easy/Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Start at the top of the head and close at the tip of the tail. Be sure to build the entire mouth before gluing it to the face. The wings are the only hard part, but as long as you fold the lines indicated in red it will build fairly simply. When gluing the feet, place the left wing on a flat surface and glue the feet on the same level so it stands better. You can use magnets to hold the bill instead of gluing it (to make it into a storage container of sorts), just place one inside the bill before closing and glue one to the place where it connects to the body.

Download: A4 / Letter

07 May 2014


295 / EXPLOUD - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Normal
Species: Loud Noise Pokémon
Height: 1.5 m (4'11")
Weight: 84.0 kg (185.2 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Exploud is a large blue bipedal Pokémon with a large mouth. It has two peg-like teeth on each jaw. It has protruding tubes with holes along its body: seven along the crest on its head, four on its elbows and knees, two along its back, and two on the end of its two tails. Exploud's bellowing is capable of triggering earthquakes and can be heard from over six miles away. It only raises its voice when it is in battle. It communicates its feelings to others by producing whistle-like sounds. It lives in caves.

Height: 16.5 cm/6.5 in
Width: 15.7 cm/ 6.2 in
Depth: 17.6 cm/6.9 in
No. of Pages: 5
No. of Pieces: 42
Level: Medium
Designer: PMF
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Start at the top of the head, build the tubes first and the face around them. The mouth is glued after the first piece of the back is glued. Glue pieces 17 and 20 to the arms after the first segments of pieces 16 and 19 are built. The parts under the mouth (22 and 23) can get tricky, start them at the bottom of the lips. Close at the tip of the tails.

Download: A4 / Letter

21 April 2014

TOGEKISS (Happy Easter!)

468 / TOGEKISS - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Fairy/Flying
Species: Jubilee Pokémon
Height: 1.5 m (4'11")
Weight: 38.0 kg (83.8 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Togekiss is a white, avian Pokémon with an ovoid body. While its feet are small and situated closely together, its wings are broad and triangular. Red and blue triangular markings over its underside, and it has a short tail consisting of three feathers. On the back of its head are three spikes: a red tipped on the right, a blue tipped one on the left, and a pure white one in the middle. Togekiss has a relatively flat face and small, black eyes. This Pokémon is rarely seen, only appearing in peaceful areas. When it is seen or visits respectful people, it showers gifts of blessings and kindness.

Height: 16.5 cm/6.5 in
Width: 29.9 cm/11.8 in
Depth: 19.7 cm/7.8 in
No. of Pages: 7
No. of Pieces: 75
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Start the model at the top of the head, follow the numbers and the istructions and close at the tail. The only part that can offer some trouble on this one is joining the wings with the body, since they are quite big. If you glue the two first chest pieces to it, will make it easier. It stands on it's own, just be careful while placing the feet so they match the pdo and the picture. If it won't stand, add some weight, there should be an opening, since the tail should be only glued after it's standing. To finish it, glue the feathers.

About the wings, up until a point (12), the build with both the wings is the same, after that, if you want the wings as shown on the picture, follow the red numbers, if you want the ones as shown on the pdo, use the black numbers.

Download: A4 / Letter

15 April 2014


396 / STARLY- Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Normal/Flying
Species: Starling Pokémon
Height: 0.3 m (1'00")
Weight: 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Although capable of flapping its wings powerfully, Starly is weak and inconspicuous when alone. It forms large flocks to protect itself. However, individuals will begin to bicker if the group becomes too large. This Pokémon’s cry is harsh, and its singing can become annoying. Starly congregates in mountains and fields, where it hunts for bug Pokémon.

Height: 16.8 cm/ 6.6 in
Width: 16.9 cm/ 6.7 in
Depth: 30.2 cm/ 11.9 in
No. of Pages: 5
No. of Pieces: 40
Level: Medium
Designer: LuIS
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: The model is built in two main parts: head and body. Start the head at the top feather and work down, it's pretty simple. The body starts at the tail. Remember do glue the legs and wings to it BEFORE closing. The legs are simple, just start at the toes and work by numbers. The wings are built in segments, the instructions on the templates explain how they are supposed to be built. The model might need some weight to stand. Before closing the body, put some weight inside and pop the head until it stands, when it does, close the body and glue the head to it.
Both the textures for Male and Female variants are included, with the Male textures used for non-shiny PDFs and the Female textures used for shiny PDFs.

Download: A4 / Letter

07 April 2014


398 / STARAPTOR - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Normal/Flying
Species: Predator Pokémon
Height: 1.2 m (3'11")
Weight: 24.9 kg (54.9 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Staraptor is a grayish-brown, avian Pokémon similar to a large bird of prey. It has small, red eyes and a thin, yellow beak with a black tip. There is a circular white patch on its forehead, which is smaller on the female. Larger white markings cover the front of its throat and chest, separated by a black ruff encircling the shoulders. A red-tipped, black crest extends over its head, nearly reaching the tip of its beak.

Height: 20.6 cm/8.1 in
Width: 18.5 cm/7.3 in
Depth: 30.2 cm/11.9 in
No. of Pages: 6
No. of Pieces: 56
Level: Hard
Designer: LuIS and Brandon
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: The model is built in two main parts: head and body. Start the head at the top feather and work down. The body starts at the tail, which is pretty hard to build. Fold the indicated lines and take your time there. Remember do glue the legs and wings to the body BEFORE closing. Start the legs at the claws and work by numbers, reinforce them from the inside, the model is pretty heavy. The wings are built in segments, the instructions on the templates explain how they are supposed to be built. The model needs weight to stand. I create a pocked inside the body to counterbalance it, reference pictures and instructions are added on the pack and on the template. Add the weight inside and pop the head until it stands, when it does, close the body and glue the head to it. Further instructions added on the template.

Download: A4 / Letter

01 April 2014

April Fool's Chinpokomon Papercrafts

April Fool's Chinpokomon Papercraft
Sorry, this year there was no models for April Fool's Day. For those who don't know Chinpokomon, they are from an episode of South Park (S3E11) which was a parody of the Pokémon. And well, you can't really make a model if you don't really know what they look like... I mean, look at the pic with the kids up there, you can't really make a model out of that.  :/

So there you go, sorry to those who don't really know what April Fool's all about, or just got caught thinking we were hacked or changed name. :) Always funny to read your comments tho. hahaha

The download links were the Chinpokomon ad from the episode and the Google Maps Pokémon challenge trailer, which was pretty great! : A4 / Letter
We'll be back to our regularly scheduled models by Friday.

28 March 2014


085 / DODRIO - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Normal/Flying
Species: Triple Bird Pokémon
Height: 1.8 m (5'11")
Weight: 85.2 kg (187.8 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Along with its three heads, Dodrio has three sets of hearts and lungs as well. This allows it to efficiently oxygenate and pump blood throughout its body, thus giving it increased endurance to run vast distances without rest. It is especially prone to race vigorously across grassy plains, even in arid seasons with little rainfall.

Height: 22.0 cm/8.7 in
Width: 15.1 cm/ 5.9 in
Depth: 14.1 cm/5.6 in
No. of Pages: 3
No. of Pieces: 76
Level: Medium-Hard
Designer: Brandon
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: There are two start points: the heads and the legs. After both segments are done, join them with the indicated piece. The beaks can offer some trouble, take your time there. For a smoother build it's suggested to fold the indicated lines. After the model is closed, glue the tail. The head details can be glued after the heads are connected to the torso. The necks and the legs might break with time, some reinforcement is suggested, such as a thin wire on the necks and a thicker one for the legs or some stripes of paper inserted in them. The model won't stand on it's own, in order to do that you can use a base.

There are also textures included for both the apricot colored neck (female) and darker neck (male). The default is female, Pepakura Viewer is needed to use the male textures.

Download: A4 / Letter