23 March 2015


282 / M-Gardevoir - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Mega Gardevoir
Type: Psyquic/Fairy
Species: Embrace Pokémon
Height: 1.6 m (x5′03″)
Weight: 48.4 kg (106.7 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: As Mega Gardevoir, it turns almost completely white; only its hair remains green. Its gown becomes longer and wider, resembling a bridal gown. The forearms are slightly thicker with a pointed extension above the elbow. Its facial spikes are larger and now curl upwards. In contrast, its hair is now shorter and more tightly curled. There are now two horns in the center of its chest, extending to either side. These horns are said to be a physical manifestation of this Pokémon's heart, and it is able to use tremendous psychic power now that it is open.

Height: 22.9 cm / 8.9 in
Width: 38.9 cm / 15.2 in
Depth: 20.3 cm / 7.9 in
Pages: 9
Pieces: 61
Level: Medium-Hard
Designer: Olber
Photo: Olber
NOTES: Begin from the one-pieced hair. Make your way down. Inner skirt is optional.

Download: A4 / Letter

18 March 2015


080 / SLOWBRO - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Slowbro
Type: Water/Psychic
Species: Hermit Crab Pokémon
Height: 1.6 m (5′03″)
Weight: 78.5 kg (173.1 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Slowbro is a bipedal pokémon that evolves when a Shellder bits it's tail. Due to Shellder's poison, Slowbro can't feel pain. If Shelldon is knocked off, Slowbro will return to it's previous stage. Despite being accepted that Shellder triggers the evolution, in the games it has nothing to do with evolving Slowpoke into Slowbro. It is capable of powerful psychic attacks, but it is peaceful and prefer not to fight.

Height: 14.8 cm / 5.8 in
Width: 18.1 cm / 7.1 in
Depth: 11.0 cm / 4.3 in
Pages: 4
Pieces: 50
Level: Medium
Designer: PODragon
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Build by the numbers. Start at the mouth and build the head around it. Be careful when gluing the teeth, they're small, so as the claws. Finnish the body at the tail, where it will connect with the shell. Start the shell at the mouth and close at the top, glue the spikes as you go. Further instructions added on the template. There's an optional texture for this model with a tattoo, pdfs for the model with it and the extra texture are included in the pack.

Download: A4 / Letter

28 February 2015


026 / RAICHU - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Electric
Species: Mouse Pokémon
Height: 0.63 m (2'07")
Weight: 29.98 kg (66.1 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Although Raichu is quite small, it is capable of storing over 100,000 volts of electricity in its body. Raichu is much more aggressive than Pikachu, especially if it has stored too much electricity in its body. It needs to constantly discharge this electricity through its tail into the ground, and will electrocute objects, people, and Pokémon until its electricity level is back to normal.

Height: 12.2 cm / 4.8 in
Width: 22.0 cm / 8.6 in
Depth: 16.9 cm / 6.6 in
Pages: 4
Pieces: 38
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Start at the head and glue the ears while you can still apply presure from the inside. The only tricky part of the head is to cut the curl of the ears, take your time there, after they are cut, glue them where there are two tabs, glue these tabs on the back of each other and glue the curl over them. After that, build the body, joining the arms and legs as you go. The tail is not hard, but it's heavy and can collapse with time, so after the tail is glued, glue some scrap paper on the connection to make it stronger. Close at the back, close to one of the legs.

Download: A4 / Letter

24 February 2015


387 / TURTWIG - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Turtwig
Type: Grass
Species: Tiny Leaf Pokémon
Height: 0.4 m (1′04″)
Weight: 10.2 kg (22.5 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Turtwig is a turtle like Pokémon, that usually nourishes itself through photosynthesis. The shell on it's back is composed of earth, and should feel moist if very healthy. The seedling on it's head will wilt if the Pokémon becomes thirsty. Turtwig is also the heaviest basic form starter, status both it's evolutions mantain.

Height: 18.1 cm / 7.1 in
Width: 17.6 cm / 6.9 in
Depth: 9.2 cm / 3.6 in
Pages: 4
Pieces: 25
Level: Medium-Easy
Designer: Brandon
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Start at the tip of the head and build by numbers, closing at the tail. Glue the leaves after the entire model is built. There are two tricky parts on this model: the area around the mouth and the shell. For the mouth, Fold the horizontal lines and glue pieces 7 and 8 together to the already built part. For the shell, don't glue pieces 11 and 12 to themselves as soon as you get to the body, do it as you proceed with the legs, only connecting them before gluing the last two pieces of the body. It takes some weight to stand, add it before closing.

Download: A4 / Letter

Other pictured models: Chimchar and Piplup

02 January 2015


501 / SNOWSHAWOTT - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Oshawott
Type: Water
Species: Sea Otter Pokémon
Height: 0.5 m (1′07″)
Weight: 5.9 kg (13.3. lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Look! It snowed! Someone must've built an oshawott snowman! ;) The design is based on a set of plushes that were released for Christmas a few years ago in Japan.

Height: 16.0 cm / 6.3 in
Width: 9.9 cm / 3.9 in
Depth: 10.7 cm / 4.2 in
Pages: 4
Pieces: 23
Level: Easy/Hard (if you decide to build the optional neck round pieces)
Designer: Lyrin
Photo: Lyrin
NOTES: The model is really easy: follow the numbers and you won't have any problem. Pay attention to the mountain/valley folds of the shell, as it's the only challenging piece of the model. The model jumps to hard if you decide to build the round neck pieces, mainly because they are small. They are optional though, and you can either decide to skip them altogether, or to use some cotton balls to obtain the same effect.

Download: A4 / Letter

01 January 2015


151 / MEW V2- Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Psychic
Species:  New Species Pokémon
Height: 0.4 m (1'04")
Weight: 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs.)
Interesting Facts:  Mew is a pink, bipedal Pokémon, with large blue eyes. It has a long, thin tail ending in an ovoid tip. Curiously enough, it has hair, but it's so thin that can only be seen under a microscope. Mew is said to have the DNA of every single Pokémon contained within its body, and as such is able to learn any attack. It's capable of  traveling freely in the air or underwater. It's shown as intelligent, curious, playful and even selfless. Mew can make itself invisible, but It will show itself to a person who is pure of heart.

Height: 20.0 cm/7.9 in
Width: 14.5 cm/5.7 in
Depth: 15.0 cm/5.9 in
No. of Pages: 3+3 for base
No. of Pieces: 29 + 4 of base
Level: Easy-Medium
Designer:  LuIS and POdragon
Photo: LuIS

NOTES:  Start it at the ears and build following the numbers. The fingers are small, so I included some color references at the tabs, tweezers are still indicated. It's important to build the tail as careful as possible, since if they get a weird position they might not fit well on the base. Close the model at the indicated place. The base is closed at the bottom. Also, there's a pink texture for the base, the shiny pdfs have it with this color.

Download: A4 / Letter

31 December 2014

CHIMCHAR (Happy New Year!)

390 / CHIMCHAR - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Chimchar
Type: Fire
Species: Chimp Pokémon
Height: 0.5 m (1'08")
Weight: 6.2 kg (13.7 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Chimchar is a bipedal Pokémon resembling a chimpanzee. It's body is mainly a shade of orange, but some parts such as face, belly, hands are light yellow. The flames on it's rear are produced by gas burning in it's stomach. These flames go out when it sleeps. It's very agile, being able to climb the ledges of tall mountains, the place where it lives.

Height: 21.2 cm / 8.3 in
Width: 9.3 cm / 3.7 in
Depth: 16.7 cm / 6.6 in
Pages: 4
Pieces: 43
Level: Medium-Hard(no flames)/Hard(flames)
Designer: Brandon
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Start it at the bottom of the head and close at the top. Same with the body, start at the legs and close at the neck. The fingers can be tricky, so take your time with them. The tail is the hardest part, and it's also optional. So in case you want to build it, be careful, fold the lines and take your time. Also, make sure to glue it before going far with the body. It takes some weight to stand so, before closing the body, add some weight by the unglued tabs of the last piece and place the head til it stands. After you have found the balance and the model stands, close the body and glue the head, but not with a lot of glue.

Download: A4 / Letter