09 March 2009

BIG POKéDOLL 1 - Lapras

Height: 18 cm / 7 in
Width: 17 cm / 6.7 in
Depth: 18 cm / 7 in
No. of Pages: 6
Level: Medium
Brandon / Paperbuff
NOTES: There's nothing particularly tricky but the neck can be a little challenging. Just take your time and work from the top going down.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

God good, you guys are just trying to make me busy as hell, aren't you ;).

I made two of the pokedolls yesterday, and I'm more than happy to try this one.

Yay for spring break and free time.

helmy said...

its cool and kawai. I hope I have time to make this one

heather said...

I loved making this <3 Well.... I did, until I was almost done with it. Something happened with the shell and it ruined the whole thing. I must have attached the outer parts of the shell incorrectly. But... My lapras' head and neck look really good ^^;

Beani said...

Are the pokedolls ones you sow? or are they paper as well? i am so very confused.


Um ... everything that is available for download on Paperpokés are papercraft.

Kristen said...

What kind of glue would you suggest? I tried Elmer's roll-on glue dots but they just don't hold as well as I'd like. I also tried straight up Elmer's glue and it didn't dry quick enough, so all I had was a wet mess.

Brandon said...

I use Aleene's Tacky Glue and it works pretty well. There's a few variations of it too, so you could try out Fast Grab, Quick Dry, etc. I just use the Original kind though.

There are some more suggestions in the FAQ as to other types of supplies too, if you wanted to check those out.

Anonymous said...

Just started the Big Lapras-now up to the neck. I will message you when done.
Please make a Haxorus or a Marshtomp PLEASE. ^_0

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment on Friday that said I started doll Lapras. Guess what? It's finished!

Unknown said...

Exploring this site, I have discovered the pokedolls.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for this being so late. I made this for AIIIIIIIRRR and Paperbuff.

whitecollar18jb said...

You should really add instructions or label every part and the direction it goes. I completely messed up my shell, the pieces didn't even match the finished picture