01 April 2012

April Fool's Adventure Time Papercraft - Finn (and Jake)

Finn (and Jake) Adventure Time Papercraft
Name: Finn
Type: Human
Interesting Facts: April Fool's model for 2012! I wish you liked it. We might begin to become a bit too predictable, we'll have to find something else next year instead of changing the title :P We'll see...

Height: 16 cm / x.x in
Width: 6.5 cm / x.x in
Depth: 6.1 cm / x.x in
Pages: 2
Pieces: 27
Level: It's alright
Designer: Paper Model Factory
Photo: PMF
NOTES: It was kinda quickly made, job kinda took toll on me lately. I was going to make Jake too but well, he's still there :P
All the parts are pretty much "glued-on" so you can pose him anyway you want. Fun one!

Download: Finn


Anonymous said...

April Fools!!! :D

Anonymous said...

lol! Happy April Fools, Paperpokes! :D

Christian said...

when i saw this i was like where is my paper pokemon hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hey, I finally figured out what PMF stands for! hopefully that doesn't have to do with April Fool's though.


In fact, PMF is my real name, well initials. "Paper Model Factory" is just a joke on it to mess with people... we do still have a website tho :P -PMF

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!! Finn <3 *O*