01 April 2017


??? / LINK - Zelda Papercraft
Name: Link
Type: Hero of Hyrule
Species: Hero
Height: Varied
Weight: Average
Interesting Facts: Link's physical characteristics fluctuate from game to game, though he usually has light-colored hair (ranging from brown to blonde to orange), blue eyes, and a medium build. Other characters sometimes think of him as handsome. It is unlikely that Link's age exceeds nineteen years at any point in the series thus far. In many installments of the series, Link is the bearer of the Triforce of Courage. Several games mention a Triforce mark on Link's left hand, which identifies him either as a chosen hero or the holder of the Triforce of Courage. Teenage incarnations of Link have rather well built physiques while younger versions of him are at least moderate in size. It is shown that Link is, at the very least, of the same height as normal Hylians around his age (with the exception of Twilight Princess Link who appears to be shorter than most Hylians near his age).

Height: 25.0 cm/ 9.8 in
Width: 24.5 cm/ 9.6 in
Depth: 29.3 cm/ 11.5 in
No. of Pages: 11 (+4 for base)
Number of Parts: 109
Level: Medium-Hard
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Luis
NOTES: This one is pretty straightforward, though the head can be a little tricky. Be sure to follow numbers, and close at the feet. Base is optional, but suggested.

Download: Letter


Unknown said...

Finally! A project for April Fools Day after a few months of no projects! Thank you, Brandon and Luis!

Anonymous said...

OMFG! Good Model! I thought you have had leaved the page :O
PD: Can i make tutorials for YouTube from your other Pokemon models (i will leave the link in the description)

CascaDEER said...

Oh yeah, been waiting for this :)

Erjami said...