06 November 2020


585/ DEERLING - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Deerling
Type: Normal/Grass
Species: Season Pokémon
Height: 0.6 m (2′00″)
Weight: 19.5 kg (43.0 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Deerling is a fawn-like Pokémon, most resembling a fallow deer. The upper side of its body is pink in the spring, green in the summer, orange in the autumn, and brown in the winter. It has a yellow patterned rim, and its underside is peach. It sports a yellow floral tuft on its head, and similar yellow coloration on the insides of its tapering ears. The tips of its limbs are colored black and its pink tail is small. It can change in appearance with the changing of the seasons. If it senses animosity, it hides in tall grass. It moves in herds as it is timid around humans. It dwells in sparsely populated areas, away from humans. It is herbivorous.

Height: 15.7 cm / 6.2 in
Width: 12.7 cm / 5.0 in
Depth: 4.9 cm / 1.9 in
Pages: 3
Pieces: 30
Level: Easy
Designer: POdragon
Photo: PMF
NOTES: Build from the head down, attaching the ears (and flower) as you can. Make and attach the legs as soon as you can (numbered for easy reference). Close at the back, then glue on the tail. PDFs for all seasons included. 
Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting on this for years from the photo was teased!! Thank you!!!

Adriano Pinillos said...

Esta excelente