02 July 2021


628 / BRAVIARY - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Braviary
Type: Normal/Flying 
Species:  Valiant Pokémon
Height: 1.5 m (4'11″)
Weight: 41.0 kg (90.4 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Braviary is extremely aggressive, but for noble reasons. It will fight fiercely to help and protect its friends. Even if it is injured or has its life threatened, it will still fight. The more scars it has on its front, the more respect it gets from its peers. Scars on its back will bring it ridicule however. It has earned the nickname "hero of the skies" due to its extreme dedication for its friends. Aiding its valiance, Braviary is extremely strong, capable of lifting a car and flying with it.

Height: 21.5 cm/ 8.5 in
Width: 23.7 cm/ 9.3 in
Depth: 23.1 cm/ 9.1 in
Pages: 10 (+4 for Nest base)
Pieces: 89 (+6 for base) 
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: CrafterWong (CrafterWong's Site, and Chibi Braviary, can be found here!)
NOTES: Start building the model with the hair and neck feathers, then work from the beak and work backward to the neck. Make sure to FOLD all the lines for this section when building the hair, similar to Rufflet. When building the top white and red feathers on the face, you will need to glue the non-colored sides to each other to connect the neck feathers to the face feathers. For the side of the face feathers you will need to glue them over onto each other (pieces 18-23 will fold in half and glue to each other), and then glue them to the side of the face accordingly. Work downwards and build and attach the wings when you get there. When you get to piece 55, 84, and 85, make sure to also fold these pieces to get cleaner looking legs. Build the legs and attach them before connecting the rest of the body. Close the model with piece 85 on the right or left leg respectively, then glue the tail feathers between the legs and pieces 78-82. In order to get the model to stand, you can either build the stand and place a counterweight on the stand like another model or you can create a tripod with the two legs and piece 80.

The base (not pictured) is a little different and unique for this model - it's designed to cater to Braviary's specific pose, and the 'empty' nest doesn't have to be all too empty if you build Rufflet with it! Rufflet is to scale with Braviary, and stands right inside the nest. In order for the base to fully hold up Braviary, it's suggested to weight piece 91 before fully closing it, as this will help prevent Braviary from sliding away.  

Download: A4 / Letter


14carrotrabbid said...

A belated happy Independence Day to any American PaperPoke fans! I can’t think of a more appropriate model….

FAVIAN said...

Hi, can you tell me what program do you design your pokemon with?

Brandon said...

Personally, I use Metaseq for 3D editing, Pepakura to unfold/create templates, and then image editor of choice to edit textures - GIMP is one of the more common free ones.

Juan David said...