13 November 2008

JIGGLYPUFF - Pokémon Papercraft

039 / JIGGLYPUFF - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Jigglypuff
Type: Fairy
Species: Balloon Pokémon
Height: 0.5 m (1' 8")
Weight: 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs)
Interesting Facts: They often look for audiences for their soothing songs. If the audience falls asleep, which it always does, they become angry. One Jigglypuff carries a marker, and scribbles on people's faces when they fall asleep. It evolves from Igglybuff via happiness, and evolves into Wigglytuff via Moon Stone.

Height: 15.0 cm/5.9 in
Width: 14.9 cm/5.9 in
Depth: 14.5 cm/5.7 in
No. Pieces: 49
No. of Pages: 5
Level: Medium
Designer: PMF
Photo: Skelekitty
Build curl, ears and arms, then set them aside. Start construction of main body and attach curl and ears in appropriate gaps. Construct the rest of the body and insert arms into designated arm holes. Once main body is closed at the bottom, build feet, add a generous amount of glue on the top of feet and then place body on top, holding it in place until adhesion is complete.

A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff....
Love how the names are so alike XD
awesome build, i'll make it soon!

Comet the Microraptor said...

Totally making this for my mom for mother's day. x3

Torirat said...

Getting the bottom of the sphere to adhere was near to impossible but it looks ok anyways :P

Anonymous said...

This is so cute :) I just tried and it turned out great. But to get that thing standing on it's feet was horrible XD

Bethie said...

Was awesome and fun. Tip for the feet. TOOTHPICKS!

Unknown said...

I thoug Jigglypuff hade a tail???

Anonymous said...

So far im doing ok with the jigglypuff but i had to improvise with the hands because they are so tiny and hard to stick together

Anonymous said...

I know what my friend is getting for her birthday. >w<

Anonymous said...

Jigglypuff is so cute,i will make it after Ludicolo :) great job

Anonymous said...

i will give it to my one and only
she loves jigglypuff

sasa said...

am i the only one who doesnt get the hands right? please help!!

Rebecca said...

Blarg, the hands are more difficult than I thought. I kind of just stuffed the left one in. Here's to hoping the right one turns out better.

Nonetheless, thanks for the template guys!

Davide said...

I need help with the left arm... too hard :\\\

Anonymous said...

Can you make plz jigglypuff's microfone because i want it too?

Eze_zdj@hotmail.com said...

Hi. I send you an email asking for a favor, but it was not answered.
I want to do this jigglypuff model for a girl friend's birthday
but the problem is that i need without textures, and lineless and scale down (I want to paint with colored pencils).
The really problem is the lineless solution, with pepakura viewer can't solved
and all .pdf files have textures :S
So, i can clean every single line with photoshop, a long work than can save me in 5 minutes.
if you consider helping me, I appreciate it.
PD: I'm looking to get mini jygglypuff, like size 5cm or 7cm high (the width scaling at that point)
Thank you and sorry for my english

Brandon said...

You can get it lineless by turning down the line transparency in Settings>Print and Paper Settings>Line Transparency.
To make it that small may be difficult though, as it was made with the intent to be the size posted. Always worth a shot though.

Anonymous said...

Jigglypuff is so cute thanks.Can you make a microphone for jigglypuff plz?

Anonymous said...

Ive made my own IgglyBuff, before i saw the PaperPoke. Mine is nothing compared to yours XD.

Keyth said...

Please anyone can help me with hands? its really hard any video tutorial if anyone do the hands

Anonymous said...

kind of wish there were numbers on the template...