08 November 2008


143 / SNORLAX - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Snorlax
Type: Normal
Species: Sleeping Pokémon
Height: 2.1 m (6' 11")
Weight: 460.0 kg (1014.1 lbs)
Interesting Facts: Many Snorlax only awaken once a month, and that is so they can find more food. It evolves from Munchlax by Happiness.

Height: 18.2 cm/7.2 in
Width: 17.9 cm/7 in
Depth: 10.3 cm/4.1 in
No. of Pages: 6
Level: Mid
Designer: PMF
Photo: PMF
NOTES: Good luck / have fun!

Download: A4 / Letter

Snorlax v2


Anonymous said...

its sooooo fat!!! XD

Anonymous said...

how do you do the feet??

Anonymous said...

im new to paperpokes soo, how. where is the file for download? ehat do i have to do to get it?

Anonymous said...

So the first model. Where it all began.