09 November 2008


101 / ELECTRODE - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Electrode
Type: Electric
Species: Ball Pokémon
Height: 1.2 m (3' 11")
Weight: 66.6 kg (146.8 lbs)
Interesting Facts: It seems to be based upon the concept of a living Poké Ball, and is often mistaken for one. It evolves from Voltorb at level 30.

Height: 12.1 cm/4.8 in
Width: 12.1 cm/4.8 in
Depth: 12.3 cm/4.8 in
No. of Pages: 3
Level: Easy
Designer: PMF
Photo: PMF
NOTES: You can just draw the Eyebrows on it with a black pen.

Download: A4 / Letter

Electrode v2


Anonymous said...

Can you make a Voltorb?

Mr. Finchy said...

This was my first model. a ended up using photo paper and there's tape all over the outside... i still love it though :D

Anonymous said...

Did you guys use pen to draw the eyebrows?


Yes, I actually did :P
Way easier that way.

Anonymous said...

i tried to make themost easy but it doesn't happen i failed.can you put a
step by step to the users make the pokemons in the right way

Infernape said...

Very easy compared to others , I think this would be a very good pokemon for beginners just like me,
It is so nice and it is my 1st pokemon

Infernape said...

When u have made electrode , then u can make even voltorb right? both are mostly similar !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is great!