02 February 2009


118 / GOLDEEN - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Goldeen
Type: Water
Species: Goldfish Pokémon
Height: 0.6m (2′00″)
Weight: 15.0kg (33.1 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Goldeen's large and dangerous horn is its main weapon, although the female of this species has a slightly smaller horn. Despite not being normally known as an aggressive Pokémon, people swimming in waters inhabited by Goldeen should be wary of being rammed. It dislikes being kept in captivity, and in an aquarium will use its powerful horn to smash its way to freedom. Goldeen evolves into Seaking at level 33.

Height: 15.0 cm/5.9 in
Width: 22.0 cm/ 8.7 in
Depth: 22.1 cm/8.7 in
No. of Pages: 4
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon and Skelekitty
Photo: Skelekitty
NOTES: The mouth is VERY fiddly, and it is important that a .PDO is used during the construction of this part. The fins are 2D and the texture is only single sided (for now). And don't forget to cut the blank sections off the edges of the fins and tail in a free-hand, wavy manner to produce the desired effect, as seen in the above image.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

Love its huge tail XD the 'fiddly mouth' turned out COMPLETELY as you mentioned, annoying thing.....but, a fun build in the end :P

Anonymous said...

I don't get the chin...

Christian said...

i had some trouble with the mouth

Anonymous said...

esta mal el pepakura pero es divertido