16 February 2009

HOUNDOUR (w/ video)

228 / HOUNDOUR - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Houndour
Type: Dark / Fire
Species: Dark Pokémon
Height: 0.6 m (2′00″)
Weight: 10.8 kg (23.8 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Houndour is a dog-like Pokémon with short, black fur. It has a red underbelly and snout. Houndour appears to have a skull on its forehead and ribs on its back. Houndour might be distantly related to Growlithe since both of them are canine Pokémon that are Fire-type, are in the same egg group, and grow at the same rate. It evolves into Houndoom starting at level 24.

Height: 20.0 cm/7.9 in
Width: 8.2 cm/ 3.3 in
Depth: 20.0 cm/7.9 in
No. of Pages: 6
Level: Medium
Designer: PMF
Photo: Haywan
Video: Haywan
NOTES: The one was testbuild by Haywan who even made a video of it. Just watch it, it might help you to build yours.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

What video?

Lyrin said...

The one that is linked next to "Video"...
If you read "the paper model" description you'll see it.

Anonymous said...

It is awesome! xD I wish i could only get more eevee and hes forms' papercrafts ^^

Anonymous said...

It dosent work for me, i cant download it...

PMF said...

Try again, links are working.

Anonymous said...

The links are working, is there anyway that i can get my computer to open rar files? My computer wont recognize the file format.

Skelekitty said...

To unpack a .RAR file you need a program like WinRAR or one of the freeware alternatives.

Try installing this and then see if you can open the file:

Anonymous said...

i can`t download this model =(

when i try download this, a window is opening with many letters and symbols

Please help me


You may have to try using another browser - if you are using Mozilla Firefox, try using MS Internet Explorer.

Riley said...

When I made it the mouth ended up open. :P

Anonymous said...

i love houndour! and i love this model! maybe can u guys make a model of houndoom? because i really like houndoom !

Anonymous said...

There is only the shiney texture in the .pdo file :'(