11 December 2009

MEW (Skelekitty's Anniversary Model)

151 / MEW - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Psychic
Species: New Species Pokémon
Height: 0.3 m (1'04")
Weight: 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Mew is said to have the DNA of every single Pokémon contained within its body. It also vaguely resembles an embryo or fetus, and is often depicted in a pink orb and is genderless. Mew is a very curious and intelligent Pokémon that will only appear to someone with a pure heart. It loves playing around and swimming, and is known to behave very childishly at times, wanting everybody it trusts to play with it all the time. It is attracted to lullabies and will try to stay as close to the music as possible. All in all, Mew is known as a very happy and playful Pokémon. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. Mew is the last Pokémon in the Kanto Pokédex.

Height: 15.0 cm/5.9 in
Width: 12.3 cm/ 4.8 in
Depth: 34.3 cm/13.5 in
No. of Pages: 4
No. of Pieces: 34
Level: Medium
Designer: POdragon
Photo: Skelekitty
NOTES: This model is a little tricky to close, but if you accidentally stuff that bit up, rest assured that you can cover up the closing point with the tail! Start at the head and work your way down the belly, move to the feet, attaching the legs to the belly before closing up at the bottom. Build the tail from the tip down. Use super glue to attach the tail to the body.

Download: A4 / Letter


Isabel said...

O_O my favorite pokemon! i'm so happy!!! thanks guys for make my day!!! really, it's wonderful!!!! thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome re-amp on this model! Definitely one of my fav. pokemon from my childhood. I just need to finish Wartortle first, lol.

Anonymous said...

I just finished building this. Well put together model!

Anonymous said...

So cool lads!But i prefer Mewtwo

Andrew said...

I just made Mew as a thank-you for a girl who sold me a painting she had done of Mew for our nursery, and she absolutely ADORES it! Thanks for helping me say thanks!

Hamako said...

I just started paper crafts so this was really fun to put together! A friend of mine is a huge Mew fan and this was a dream for her! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

how do you print papers for it

Alanmf said...

you could perform a new mew, prettiest than that one... just saying, everyone will totally love it! like the new charizard TOTALLY better than the first

Anonymous said...

its easy with invisible tape!

Anonymous said...

dude i made and it was my first! i kinda od mest up though but can u plz make a mewtwo! from super smash brawls melee

Anonymous said...

hi have you got a whats new page because I dont know whats new to make?

Brandon said...

All the posts are in order, so what you see on the main page is what's newer.

Anonymous said...

hi paperpokes great mew! But some of your papercrafts I can't ge. please help!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not supposed to be on the computer right now because of my grounding... but this is something i just HAD to print! Shhh... Dont tell anyone... O.O

salvooch said...

im having extreme trouble trying to get these working on pepakura viewer can someone help me

Anonymous said...

Can you make a molters papercraft plz? I have really been searching for it.


lovevery1forever said...

I love it, but I'm having a few problems with the arms,leg,and the part where the tail connects to the body, and what hoping someone could help me.