06 September 2010


572 / MINCCINO - Pokémon Papercraft

Name: Minccino (Chillarmy)
Type: Normal
Species: Chinchilla Pokémon
Height: 0.4 m (1′04″)
Weight: 5.8 kg (12.8 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Chillarmy is a furry, white-colored rodent-like Pokémon, sporting scruffs of fur on its head, ear insides, and neck. Chillarmy's large ears, located to the sides of its head, have red insides partly covered by the aforementioned tufts of fur there. Its eyes are large and brown, with a small, dot-like nose. Its limbs are somewhat rounded and small, and its tail is long and particularly furry.

Height: 20.0 cm/7.8 in
Width: 23.1 cm/ 9.1 in
Depth: 17.0 cm/6.7 in
Pages: 6
Pieces: 47
Level: Easy
Designer: Lyrin
Photo: Lyrin

NOTES: You'll find the name "Chiramii" sometimes, because the download packs have been made before the name change. Aside from that, the model is quite simple, just follow the numbers on the template and refer to the .pdo for any further reference.
UPDATE: Shiny textures added to the download packs!

Download: A4 / Letter


Mattwasx said...

Thanks for this wonderful model. Been waiting for this one for a while. Can't wait for more 5th gen.

Sarah :D said...

awww...!!! its so cute!!!

Bunny Kawaii said...

omg soo cute!

Anonymous said...

Uhh... how do you open it?

Lyrin said...

Answer no. 1: .rar are opened with winrar

Answer no. 2: .pdo are opened with pepakura viewer

Anonymous said...

ITS SO FLUFFFFFYY...!!! loll ^_^

Anonymous said...

so cute i'm deff doing it!!!

BUT WERE IS RAIKOU!?!?!?!?!?! :[[[[

Anonymous said...

YES! I have a chinchilla myself so I knew as soon as it was revealed that I needed to beg for a papercraft.

Will there be shiny textures available when it it released?

Anonymous said...

I would like to know, what material do I need to do it? Or does the download comes with instructions?

Kupo said...

Well, I recently found out that one of the team members of Stationery Engineers, my blog, has made two 5th gen Pokes that you guys are making. I realize this is a coincidence, and I'd just like to thank you for not accusing us of copying your bkig. :)


@xdisc: see FAQ page.

@Kupo: yeah I saw that too, but can't accuse anyone of copying when they make a Pokémon. I means, everybody can make one if they want.

We're pretty much doing the basic ones for the 5th gen and those on the list are only the ones for September. We'll do some more for the next few months too and since there's not many Gen 5th Pokémon out yet, there's good chances that someone else will make the same 5th Gen Pokémon.

and anyway, ours is better :P hehe

Anonymous said...

Could you make a Chillarmy with A3 sheets, too? Because according to your data, the model is almost exactly half its "real" size.
But for a model twice as big you'd need stronger paper, right?

Anonymous said...

How do you print the file?! I'm looking at it on Adobe reader, and whenever I tell it to print, it says file is unable to print, and in another window, no pages were selected. PLEASE help......

Anonymous said...

Can someone give me instructions for this because I'm stuck on where to put some of the parts I cuted out.


Few instructions are included with the template. For the main instructions, you need to use Pepakura Viewer to open the pdo file included.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.^-^

leafeon4ever! said...

i cant get the ears on :'( is there an easier way?

MRStres said...

How do you connect ear tuffts? i can't connect it. please help :(

Anonymous said...

aww sooo cute who knows paperpokes may make victini next

Parker said...

I'm blown away by ALL of these! They are truly amazing! Can you pleeeease try and do a Litwick one soon? It's my absolute favorite! Thanks and keep up the good work! :D

Anonymous said...

I made this one for my sister's birthday, she loveed it!
This was also my first one, and it is really simple!
Thank you for the wonderful template!