06 March 2011

Pokémon Black & White's out!

Pokémon Black and White are finally out and a bunch of us have already wasted a few hours trying to catch a Vanillite (huh, not really, but you know...) So anyway, here's a short list of the Gen 5 models that you can find:

You can also find a few more on Tenpepakura's page (japanese) or on Sabi96's page. Keep in mind that they aren't made by us so we can't say or help if there's any problems with them.

So have a nice day, me I'm gonna go back to catching that Vanillite :P
See you tomorrow - The Paperpokés Team


Anonymous said...

whats so special about Vanillite? ouo


absolutely nothing :P

it's just an inside joke since every body in the team seems to hate vanillite. :/

b0bman said...

i was thinking about buying this game. is it worth the purchase? or is it just something to keep the francisegoing?
and by the way, the models on this site are by far the BEST of the web! great job!!


even though B&W don't add much to the game style, the new visual, story and the new pokémon are really great. it is really one of the best version of the pokémon games and one of the best RPG around.

Anonymous said...

Vanillite are found at the Driftveil City Cold Storage inside and outside in the long light green grass.

Anonymous said...

I'm super duper crazy late, but this game was released on my b'day :) I got it two years later, in 2013 for my birthday (I wasn't into Pokémon then :/)