28 March 2011

TAUROS (Chinese New Year 2021)

128 / TAUROS - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Tauros
Type: Normal
Species: Wild Bull Pokémon
Height: 1.4 m (4′07″)
Weight: 88.4 kg (194.9 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Tauros are rowdy Pokémon; once they've started a rampage they will not stop until they hit something. They increase their will to fight by whipping themselves with their three tails. They live and travel in herds with the herd's protector probably leading the others. Tauros are also known to lock horns with each other in battle and they usually take pride in their battle-scarred horns. When there are no opponents to battle, Tauros will charge at trees to satisfy their need for a challenge and calm themselves. Ash captured thirty of these in EP035, an episode which became banned in multiple countries due to use of guns, leading to confusion for many as to how he obtained them.

Height: 16.4 cm / 6.5 in
Width: 11.3 cm / 4.4 in
Depth: 22.0 cm / 8.7 in
Pages: 5
Pieces: 48
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Toshi

NOTES: Follow the numbers. Build from the head back, closing at the butt. Attach the tails after the main body is closed.

Download: A4 / Letter


Shadree said...

That's a big advance notice - 2021?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm a Dutch boy and I like all the paperpokés so much!
I attach them at the ceiling of my room. =)

Shana said...

Wow,nice papercraft!

Um,by the way,why have you changed the website?Why is the title care bears, and why is everything all girly and weird? I definitely prefer the old website,why did you change it?

Anonymous said...

LOL ^^^

Shana said...

Hehe,it was april fools!I forgot about that!It was an eyesore!You fooled me alright!

Anonymous said...

EPIC. It's probably going to use horn attack and kill me.

Cyan said...

Happy Chinese New Year - congratulations on sticking around after all this time