30 May 2011


057 / PRIMEAPE - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Primeape
Type: Fighting
Species: Pig Monkey Pokémon
Height: 1.0 m (3′03″)
Weight: 32.0 kg (70.5 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Primeape has a round body covered in whitish, messy fur. Primeape's ears are triangular with pink insides, its arms and legs are colored brown and the tail it had as a Mankey has dissappeared. Primeape has metal shackles on its wrists and ankles; this is probably indicative of a method of training with weights. The forepaws seem to resemble boxing gloves, alluding to its nature as a Fighting-type Pokémon.

Height: 17.0 cm/ 6.7 in
Width: 22.0 cm/ 8.7 in
Depth: 12.6 cm/ 5.0 in
Pages: 5
Pieces: 55
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Brandon
NOTES: Build from the face back, closing at the small flat piece of the back. Once that piece is glued, attach the final fur spike right on top, hiding the closing point. Then build the arms from the tip of the hand in, gluing to the body when complete. Same with the legs, from the foot up.

The hat is optional, but adds a bit for anyone who has seen the anime ep. If made, cut the brim to be circular, rather than how it is blocky now.

This model will not stand without weight or a base. Either try to counter balance it with weight in the left hand, use a base, or do what I did- use a string to create a hand hold, and hang it by the arm/hand from it. The small niche in the hand makes the last option easy.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

his body proportions are so odd looking.

RMDC said...

You gave him the hat!~

Mooman55311 said...

So going with monkeys for a while?

Anonymous said...

Wow, he looks great!!! That hat rocks, too.

Anonymous said...

He looks terrible! Why is his face as large as his whe body? Both his snout and eyes have to be in the center and theyre both small. If u make em large, this is wat happens. U made his body shaped as a comet, wen it should really be a diamond with minor hair spikes on his back. Sorry, this pokemon's my favorite...

Brandon said...

It's made in the style of how Primeape appears in the games. His face is actually that large.

Unknown said...

I love this model!! But for some reason, I'm kinda stuck on beginning the hands and feet.. the body was fine, but now I'm just kinda lost.

Unknown said...

I love this model!! I'm new here, and still kinda getting used to doing this. But Primeape has always been one of my favorite pokemon, so I really wanna make this model. And I made the head just fine. ...but now I'm just stuck, trying to figure out how to start the hands and the feet...I'm kinda lost here. D:
I must just not be recognizing something.