01 August 2011


107 / HITMONCHAN - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Hitmonchan
Type: Fighting
Species: Punching Pokémon
Height: 1.4 m (4'07")
Weight: 50.2 kg (110.7 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Hitmonchan is a tan colored, human-shaped Pokémon. His body resembles a light purple tunic with a kilt and fists resemble red boxing gloves. His enlarged shoulders give the appearance of shoulder pads. His purple feet give the appearance of a pair of boxer shoes. Unlike his parallel evolution, Hitmonlee, he has a mouth and a visible separation between body and head.

Height: 18.0 cm/ 7.1 in
Width: 13.5 cm/ 5.3 in
Depth: 10.2 cm/ 4.0 in
Pages: 3
Pieces: 36
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Skeleman
NOTES: This one is fairly easy, just follow the numbers. Will need weight or a base in order to stand.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

Muhammad Ali has nothing on him. lol.

thirteenfury said...

Float like a Butterfree, sting like a Combee? ^_^

Anonymous said...

@thirteenfury GENIUS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing... Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Note: I am writing this comment here (hopefully someone will see it on this newest model), on the Hitmonchan page, and in an E-mail (for some reason, however, I never receive responses from Paper Pokes through e-mail) - all in the hope of maximizing my chances of receiving an answer.

Given the opportunity, I really would like to make the Hitmonchan.

As of right now however, that disappointingly does not seem possible - when trying to open the LETTER file from the Hitmonchan model's Paper Pokes webpage, a message comes up saying that it is a .RAR file and that I either need to Find a program to open it, or Save it.

Yet, when I Save it, nothing can open the file.

This problem does not occur with any of the other Paper Pokes packs that I have opened so far.

Thank you for any help and fixes!

PS. Since this problem is being addressed, I need to ask - does the same issue occur when trying to Open/Download the Magnemite, Snorlax, and Poliwhirl packs?

Brandon said...

Are you using Winrar?

Anonymous said...

No, I do not believe so.

On other models, when a pack is downloaded/opened, it
opens as a Folder - example: (Title of model)[1].zip - that
can then be viewed in Adobe reader.

Is it assumable then that all the other files that currently work
for me are .ZIP files?

I prefer not to download applications like that (Winrar), as a
matter of safety.

Is there no way around this problem besides getting that
application? Why are only some (like Hitmonchan, and
Magnemite) only opened as .RAR? Thank you very much for
clearing this up!

Brandon said...

Yes, presumably the other ones are all just zip files. If you want to open rars, you're going to have to use a program with the capability (ie: Winrar).

The program is safe, and the entire team uses it, but if you wish not to that's fine. But if you want to open rars you'll have to use it or a program like it.

Brandon said...

Yup, anything that advertises that it opens rar files (and is legitimate, obviously) will function the same. Really, Winrar says it's a trial version, but it's only recommended that the full version be purchased. It can be run as a stand alone program in trial version for as long as you feel comfortable using it without purchasing.

Unknown said...

I am currently using 7-Zip to open .rar files, and it works perfectly fine for me. If you want to open .zip or .rar files, 7-Zip is your best friend! Before, I had WinZip, but sadly my trial has expired. But I ended up choosing 7-Zip instead of paying money. I used it before for opening .7z files in 2014-2016, but now I'm 11 and great at creating your awesome Pokemon!