01 August 2011


237 / HITMONTOP - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Hitmontop
Type: Fighting
Species: Handstand Pokémon
Height: 1.4 m (4'07")
Weight: 48.0 kg (105.8 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Hitmontop spins on his head and uses his tail and legs to smack enemies. Although Hitmontop travels faster spinning than walking, he is still capable of walking normally in which case he retracts his tail to its side.

Height: 13.2 cm/ 5.2 in
Width: 14.5 cm/ 5.7 in
Depth: 10.0 cm/ 3.9 in
Pages: 3
Pieces: 58
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Skeleman
Download: A4 / Letter - Base

NOTES: This one is fairly easy, just follow the numbers. Will need a base in order to stand with the 'top' legs, and weight or a base to stand with the straight legs. (Numbers) indicate options to the regular Numbers. Don't use both; one or the other.
Texture included to change the eye shine if building the standing pose, but must have Pepakura to use it.

For added fun, color the base after printing.


Anonymous said...

Whoa page three looks insane. I'm going to build it! :]

Anonymous said...

The 2 floatings pieces on his side is another opcion for the legs?

Skeleman said...

Yes, use those legs if you want it to stand upright.

Anonymous said...

Thakns Skeleman!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!

I was also wondering where the pokemonpapercraft.com site went. Kinda freaked out when I saw it was gone lol. Took me a while to find this one.