24 December 2012

BIBAREL (Merry Christmas! 1/2)

400 / BIBAREL - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Bibarel
Type: Normal/Water
Species: Beaver Pokémon
Height: 1.0 m (3′03″)
Weight: 31.5 kg (69.4 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Bibarel are large, bulky, brown beaver-like rodent Pokémon, and more bipedal than their pre-evolution. Bibarel have tan "masks", on their faces and rumples on the sides. There are tan "bibs" on their chests, and they have large, broad dark-brown tails with a wavy tan pattern on them.

Height: 15.3 cm/ 6.0 in
Width: 15.9 cm/ 6.3 in
Depth: 21.0 cm/ 8.3 in
Pages: 4
Pieces: 27
Level: Easy/Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: This model is pretty straightforward, but it's also important to follow the numbers.
Start at the mouth, build the face around it. Close at the bottom. Add the tail after, also, keep note
that the tail can be positioned at the builder's will, but the position on the pdo is a more stable one.
Further instructions included on the template.

Download: A4 / Letter


Andrea Ca. said...

i need some help... i wanna change the eyes to my roselia but i don't know how :(

Brandon said...

To change the eyes on any craft, you would have to go in and photoshop the texture file to replace the current eye with another one. Once the texture is modified, just go into the Texture option in Pepakura and replace the old one with it.