29 October 2014


711 / GOURGEIST (Super) - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Ghost/Grass
Species: Pumpkin Pokémon
Height: 1.7 m (5'07")
Weight: 39.0 kg (86.0 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Gourgeist are malevolent Pokémon that catch their prey in their hairlike arms and take delight in their victims' suffering. On moonless nights, they are known to wander through town streets, singing an eerie song that curses its unfortunate listeners. It and its pre-evolution, Pumpkaboo, are the only known Pokémon that can learn Trick-or-Treat.

Height: 19.9 cm/7.8 in
Width: 12.7 cm/5.0 in
Depth: 14.0 cm/5.5 in
No. of Pages: 5
No. of Pieces: 58
Level: Medium-Hard
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Brandon

NOTES: Start from the bottom up, closing the 'gourd' at the top, and doing the same with the arms. Build the arms from fingertip to top, being especially careful with connecting the fingers. Once the arms and bottom of the hair are done, connect them, being sure to hold the pieces together for a bit to get a strong connection. The next part is the trickiest, and most difficult- connecting the top of the hair onto the rest. Be sure to have something you can maneuver with like a scissor blade, pencil, or anything small and able to fit inside the piece. Use it to hold the tabs in place while gluing. Piece 56 is only advised if you're having trouble getting the hair to fit on the body.
Glue the hair by the back (pieces 49, 52, 53), being sure to position it to cover one eye and not the other. Will need a small wedge underneath the back to stand, or a little something to weigh it toward the front more.

Download: A4 / Letter


Unknown said...

Thank I will enjoy my Halloween ��

Anonymous said...

This will be great for Halloween! I was wondering, can you guys make a phantump too?