25 December 2017


080 / MEGA SLOWBRO - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Mega Slowbro
Type: Water/Psychic
Species: Hermit Crab Pokémon
Height: 2.0 m (6′07″)
Weight: 120.0 kg (264.6 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Upon mega evolving, it becomes engulfed by the Shellder to the point where only its head, arms and tail are visible. Due to the legs being engulfed inside the shell, it balances the body by the tail that sticks out at the opening at the tip of Shellder's spiral. It can move by bouncing, using the tail as a spring. Mega Slowbro's energy has gathered into Shellder, which has increased its hardness. This allows it to act as an armor so hard that nothing can scratch it.

Height: 20.6 cm / 8.1 in
Width: 13.1 cm / 5.1 in
Depth: 13.9 cm / 5.5 in
Pages: 8
Pieces: 53 + 6 for optional base
Level: Medium
Designer: LuIS
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Start with the ears, building the head around 3. Close and glue it to the shell when indicated, but only glue the shell teeth AFTER the head is glued. The rest of the model is pretty simple, build following the numbers and glue the details, such as arms and spikes, when the numbers get to them. Close at the bottom and glue the tail to it. I suggest using some sort of small weight inside the tail to give it more stability. Place the set of 58 and 59 inside the base before closing it, to make it sturdier.

Download: A4 / Letter

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