14 May 2021


887 / DRAGAPULT - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Dragapult 
Type: Dragon/Ghost 
Species:  Stealth Pokémon
Height: 3.0 m (9'10″)
Weight: 50.0 kg (110.2 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Dragapult and its evolutionary family are the ghosts of prehistoric aquatic Pokémon. Dragapult carries a pair of Dreepy inside its horns, which it will fire at its opponents like supersonic missiles during battle. It's said that the Dreepy it carries greatly enjoy being sent flying toward opponents at immense speeds. Much of Dragapult's behavior beyond this, however, remains a mystery.

Height: 26.6 cm/ 10.5 in
Width: 27.3 cm/ 10.8 in
Depth: 13.7 cm/ 5.4 in
Pages: 10 
Pieces: 101 (+10 for optional Dreepy parts) 
Level: Medium-Hard
Designer: Brandon
Photo: CrafterWong (CrafterWong's Site can be found here!)
NOTES: Build the fins first, then build the head around them, working down. Build the model down and attach the arms as you go. Do NOT build the fingers until the entire model is complete. I originally built the fingers after I attached the arms but they seemed to get in my way and kept falling off when I was building the body and tail. Continue building downward attaching the legs as you go. When you get to piece 67, you have to make the decision on if you want to build the base or get the model to stand by itself. If you want to build the base do not worry, just build the stand and either glue the model to the base, or slightly weight it still to keep it on the base without glue. If you want the model to stand by itself, you can either glue together 2 stacks of 4 quarters together and then glue them to piece 66/67 or you can put in 8 quarters and 2 pennies into the model (not gluing them together or the model) and play with the location of the weights by rotating the model back and forth once the model is closed to get the model to stand by itself. Close the model with the tail then glue the fingers and Dreepys on. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building! 

Download: A4 / Letter


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Hermosoo dragapult es de mis pseudolegendarios favoritos, gracias!

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estubo genial hacerelo me gusto y me encato el diseño


Podrias hacer un video de como hacerlos y darnos el link ya que se me dificulta mucho :>