09 February 2009

VULPIX - Valentine's Week Special

037 / VULPIX - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Vulpix
Type: Fire
Species: Fox Pokemon
Height: 0.6m (2′00″)
Weight: 9.9kg (21.8 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: At birth, the Vulpix cub has only one white tail, which apparently splits as it grows older. Not only are Vulpix able to wield Fire-type moves naturally, they also have the ability to learning a few Ghost-type moves such as Grudge and Confuse Ray. Vulpix will feign injury to escape from more powerful predators.

Height: ~17.0 cm/~6.69 in (.PDO height = 20cm - this is incorrect due to the tail disconnection)
Width: 19.7 cm/7.76 in
Depth: 18.4 cm/7.24 in
No. of Pages: 11
Level: Hard
Designer: Brandon, POdragon and Skelekitty
Photo: Skelekitty
NOTES: If you do attempt to build this model, we recommend the use of 120gsm paper and either Power Pritt Gel or Aleene's Original Tacky Glue - We can not over emphasize how critical really good papercrafting glue is for success in the tail area in particular. In fact, allowing the tail-to-body attachment to cure overnight with the help of "scaffolding" is probably the best way to achieve the desired results.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

Man, if only I could handle something of this scale by the weekend! Looks beautiful; great job.

Anonymous said...

This model is soooooo beautiful, I made one for my little sister because Vulpix is her favorite (mine too). If you dont have crafters glue you could use hot glue for the tail it worked well on mine.

MaxDeathLore said...

Wow. looks really good. I wanna make it, and I'm on the head so far. I hate how whenever I fold, the ink (i guess) crinkles and leaves these white lines...looks really bad. Oh well. I hope the person I'm doing this for likes the finished result! Thanks guys!

BaiatulCuPizza said...

hi guys, that craft is very super but i can't make the hair, can anibody meke a video tutorial?


Skelekitty said...

@ BaiatulCuPizza

We don't actually do video tutes, but you should be able to piece the template together using Pepakura Viewer.

Keep in mind Vulpix is lablled "hard".

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE make the instructions. i cant download pepakura viewer or anything else :(


We do not make video tutorials or Ninjatoes-style instructions.

Why can't you download Pepakura Viewer?

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of a Ninetails any time soon?

Anonymous said...

wow i love her!!!!! p.s please make ninetails!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to figure out where to attach the tail pieces to the body..... any tips? I have them all together, but do I glue them to each other first, then the body? or one at a time? I'm really confused.....


You glue all the pieces of the tail together first, then attach the whole thing to the bottom.

Anonymous said...

i did this one and it was fun, im not the best at papercrafting but it turnned out pretty good, not perfect but good, the important thing is is that i had fun with it!

Raining Stars said...

I am looking for the PepaKura version of this;how would I find it?
This is awesome!

Brandon said...

Check the Downloads section at the bottom of the post. The A4 pdo and Letter pdo are in their respective zip files.

Anonymous said...

WOW! ilove vulpix and i have just finished making its tails. just the body and head left now..... is it rated hard beacuse of the tails, if not which part of it is hard? if it is the tails, then this will be the easiest model ive done all year. THANKS GUYS I LOVE PAPERPOKES!!!!!!!!!

Nyantales said...

Can't wait! Ninetails is my fave and its gonna be great to have a vulpix with it!