30 November 2009


346 / CRADILY - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Rock / Grass
Species: Barnacle Pokémon
Height: 1.5m (4'11")
Weight: 60.4kg (133.2 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Cradily is a fossil Pokémon no longer found in the wild, and must be evolved from a Lileep resurrected from a root fossil. Cradily's strength is far greater than that of its pre-evolution. It is able to roam the seafloor in search of its prey, and upon finding it, Cradily uses its massive tentacles to grip and then eat its prey. Its tentacles secrete corrosive acid that it uses to melt its prey. It evolves from Lileep starting at level 40.

Height: 20.9 cm/ 8.3 in
Width: 18.9 cm/ 7.5 in
Depth: 19.4 cm/ 7.7 in
No. of Pages: 8
No. of Pieces: 48
Level: Easy
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Skelekitty
NOTES: Build from the bottom up. Start at the tummy - glue at least 3 pennies onto the inside of that piece, close to the tail - then attach the feet and tail. Remember to insert rolls of scrap paper into the joins of the neck for stability. Continue building up to the back of the head - that last part is convexed. Then build the head from the mouth/eyes to the back of the head - the last part is concaved. Attach the head to the neck with really good glue (super glue worked well) and then construct the petals individually, attaching them one by one to the head, in a clock-wise direction.

Download: A4 / Letter

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awsome! im totaly making this thanks