01 February 2010


161 / SENTRET- Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Normal
Species: Scout Pokémon
Height: 0.6m (2'07")
Weight: 6.0 kg (13.2 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Sentret are able to stand on their tails. They do this to find out whether there is any danger nearby and also to warn others of possible danger. Their shrieks will warn all Pokémon in the area of any possible danger. Sentret has a very nervous and cautious behavior, constantly fearing for its safety. It never lives alone - while one member of its group sleeps, another watches out for danger. Sentret evolves into Furret starting at level 15.

Height: 25.0 cm/9.8 in
Width: 10.1 cm/4.0 in
Depth: 14.8 cm/5.8 in
No. of Pages: 3
No. of Pieces: 23
Level: Easy
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Skelekitty
NOTES: This model is really easy. Follow the numbers when building. Glue a weight into the base of the tail (where it stands), and do not forget to reinforce the tail-body connection by gluing a scrap piece of paper over the connection tabs. Attach ears and feet with superglue.

Download: A4 / Letter


Unknown said...

Amazing... as always... XOXO

Anonymous said...


Rita said...

awwwwwwwwwwww wat a lil cutie!

Anonymous said...

I hope you guys don't hate me for everytime telling how I would make the papercraft better, because I really like your Pokemon papercrafts and I'm only trying to help!

For Sentret if you are afraid that the tail is not strong enough you could have made it to go in the body (Ninjatoe's does that sometimes with the neck and head I made them and it works really good and easy!)

And if you make the body a little forward a bit and make a special flat surface on the tail because it is symmetric left and right, you don't have to put something inside but it will balance like that! Because many papercrafts need something inside but if you change the way they stand a little that is not always needed!

I made a example of it: http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/5827/sentretr.jpg

Maybe you can use it keep making Pokemon papercrafts!

PMF said...

to huh... Anon:

your idea would work, but it kinda suppose using more paper/pieces than really needed to build the model since the part inside won't be seen. Also the way we made it isn't so bad, it just need to be left alone while the tail/body connection dry completely. It does work well and look better imo than your idea would.. imo.

also we always try to balance the models so they won't need weights, but it's not always possible since alot of Pokémon have shapes that aren't always stable. some of us also prefer to give the models some more interesting positions than the standard one and thus might need some weights to achieve that position...

it's always a big discussion between us in the team, do we make the models with their standard pose or give them a funny one...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a papercraft can be better BECAUSE you use extra paper on pieces you don't even see. You should never use that as a reason to not do something because if "wasting paper" is something you don't like papercraft is the wrong hobby lol. And besides, you're "wasting" enough paper already with all the unused white parts you're throwing away, that can be the paper for the extra pieces.

And how it would look depends on how you make it: if you do a good job, it will look good of course! You can try it if you make a cone and cut out a circle on a piece of cardboard: if you push the cone inside, it will perfectly fit the circle until it can't go any further. Even if it is not a perfect circle, the paper of the cone will bend until it follows the edges if you firmly push it in until it can't go further.

I have to agree that a lot of Pokemon just don't stand well because of the way they look... Especially those that have thin legs and big bodies or are supposed to fly/float... But sometimes you can also make a very funny pose that CAN stand without help.

The way you are making it sound (do we make it standard or A funny one) is that it's either the standard pose or there's only one other choice that's the only one that's funny. But of course there can be a lot of poses that can also be very funny and that CAN stand without help, besides the one you choose. I also like a funny pose, but if the first 10 ones are funny but can't stand, and the next one is also funny and CAN stand, then why not choose the next one? (if it is possible and I know it's not always possible)

If you changed Sentret by moving the body over the point where the tail rests on the floor, it MIGHT work if you build it really well, but it would still be a difficult balancing act, so maybe you would still need to put some weight in it (or make a bigger flat surface than just that one triangle now).

I like the tail idea because even the person who made it says that it is not very strong and you need to reinforce it. Maybe you just didn't think of it this time, but maybe when there is another Pokemon like this you can try it out? Maybe you have to change the tail a little or the hole to make it look nice but I don't think it will be very difficult or a lot of work because you already made so many Pokemon so you already know how to edit them lol!

PMF said...

I wasn't saying that your idea wasn't a good one, I think it's a very useful way to join 2 big pieces together, but I never liked the look of the hole that it create. On the other hand, you can adjust the tail and look of the model by making the hole smaller or bigger or wider, etc.

It could definitely work with some models. But well, it's a Brandon/Skelekitty model so it's more up to them to talk about this one.

For the standard/funny poses, it's really just because I and Skelekitty prefer standard poses while Brandon and POdragon tend to make more funny ones (see Phanpy).

Brandon said...

I did make a flat area on the bottom of the tail, but it's not extremely large. Just large enough to make a difference, but not large enough to be entirely noticeable. I hadn't thought of putting the tail into the body because I've never seen anything like that done before. Could you show me an example of an actual craft made like that? I'm curious as to how exactly it works. Also, I didn't really think of how well it was centered, I probably should have looked at that a little more. Seemed fairly balanced at the time I guess. Don't be afraid to comment about something that could be better, I'll never take it personally so long as it's constructive/helpful.

Skelekitty said...

The hints and tips I left were really just to ensure that the model was as stable and long-lasting as possible, and at the end of the day they are just helpful suggestions.

The model that you see in the picture does not have any counterweights in it, at all, and as you can see it is perfectly stable.

However, I did think that a penny in its tail would help readers maintain Sentret's stability and would make sure that any breeze didn't knock it down.

To me, extending the tail into the body seems awfully wasteful and a little redundant, especially when the extra bit of excess paper does the same job perfectly. But that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Because you said all that about putting weight in the tail and you need to reinforce the tail, it sounded like you did all that to make it stand. And because it is hard to believe that in the picture the heaviest part the body is not on top of the place where it touches the floor (but in the PDO it is much more on top of that point!) so that will make it fall and where the tail attaches to the body is so thin to carry the weight of the body... But is also a difference if you use heavy paper or not so heavy paper because if it is heavier, it will fall easier but it is also stronger so that is a good thing against a bad thing lol.

I don't know many designers that sometimes make parts like I mean, I only know that Ninjatoe's does it sometimes I built some of his papercrafts that is why I told you: I made his Moomba papercraft and it has a tail like that but that is a triangle and legs but they are square, but also the neck and the head and it is not perfect round, but if you do a good job pushing the hole and the neck together it looks very good I am very proud of it really! If I could I could send you pictures but I don't have photocamera.... :(( and I don't know if you can see it really good in Ninjatoe's pictures but it is here: http://members.home.nl/saarloos/index.htm

The only thing that I still really don't understand is why you think it is "awfully wastefull" to do it like that?? There is already so much paper wasted with the unused white parts! And if you have to use "a extra bit of excess paper" than that is just as wastefull is it not?? Maybe you think you need to make the tail double as big but you really don't have to do it that big lol.

You don't have to do it ofcourse but I just think "it's awfully wastefull" isn't a very good argument because of that and if you don't like the way it looks then I can say that you can do a good job so it looks very good but that is matter of opinion. But if you look at it is the same as now: now you also put the tail in the hole and then you use the flaps to glue to the inside of the body so you also see the same hole. You just have to do a good job to make it look nice but that is always.

I think it would be easier because you only stick a cone in a hole and everybody can do that. I don't think it is too difficult to do it like now but you have to do and inspect all 8 flaps to see if they are really glued okay, and with the other method if you push the cone in the hole the flaps will already make good contact with the cone because it pushes against them when you push it in. And it is stronger because the tail doesn't only attaches to a few flaps on the outside of the body but is also enclosed by the hole and in that direction the paper is very strong. And because if you can do that with only a little extra paper, I don't think it is awfully wastefull of that extra paper.

Stacie said...

I built him and he stood perfectly fine with two pennies glued in his tail. The joining tabs for the tail to the body glued on fine. I used regular computer paper (my mom refuses to spend money on the better paper ><)so the added weight to the tail made him stand without falling. I rather give up 2 cents than spend the time making a cone and trying to get it to fit into Sentret since it can cause random indents if too much pressure if used on such paper.

He's really cute and the pose makes the craft look that much more amazing! Thank you for such high quality crafts ;D

Rob said...

I don't know about the tail being strong enough or not because I taped 2x 20 Euro cent coins in the tail but it won't stand so I can't test it lol... Now he is lying helpless on his back like a turtle lol...

Unknown said...

Big FAn of this website made about 10 models keep up the good work XD

Chris said...

my I suggest making the hands easier? like 2-3 parts instead of every finger? My hands always look bad

Anonymous said...

One peice of advice for the other Anonymous, these people know what they are doing so if I were you I wouldn't question their judgment.

And by the way you guys make amazing models! I Love them all, they are so cute and totally worth the time it takes to make some of some. Thanks for all your hard work and your patience towards everyone.