04 October 2010


570 / ZORUA - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Zorua
Species: Dark Fox Pokémon
Height: 0.7 m (2′04″)
Weight: 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Zorua debuted in the thirteenth Pokémon movie, Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark, where it was used by the antagonist, Grings Kōdai, to blackmail its mother Zoroark into attacking Crown City. It evolves into Zoroark starting at level 30.

Height: 13.0 cm/5.1 in
Width: 9.2 cm/ 3.6 in
Depth: 15.6 cm/6.1 in
Pages: 3
Pieces: 66
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Brandon
NOTES: Build from the head back. After building the first couple rings of the body, be sure to add the neck fur. If you wait too long it will be more difficult than need be. Close at the bottom of the rear legs, and glue on the tail afterward. If you are using lighter paper, you may want to glue on the tail before closing the legs, so that you can support it from the inside.

Download: A4 / Letter


leafeon4ever! said...

AWESOME!!!! is it hard to get the peces right? if u wanted to make yr own model? always wanted to try but thought id make a mess

Anonymous said...

Go for it! Just try it, you might surprise yourself.

leafeon4ever! said...

i just got a question, every time i download one of these packs, when i print it the paper format is always in letter...? and i dont know why this happens... does this usually happen?

PMF said...

@leafeaon: well, there's 3 things you gotta check out. first, which format of paper does your printer use (did you buy A4 or Letter paper?). then, which format is your printer configured for. it should say in the options/configurations in the window that opens when you print a file or in the printer configuration applets in the "Control Panel".

when you made sure that both are on the same format, download the packs on our site for that format (A4 or Letter).

Anonymous said...

I love it I have the whole day to build it!

Anonymous said...

I loved this so much! When do you think you could make Zoroark? She's my favorite pokémon...

Anonymous said...

AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! this is hard! you guys make it look so easy! :P this is one one my favorite pokemon so i dont want to give up, but my zorua's ears are misshapen, and the eyes dont line up with the dots... i guess i'm gonna have to restart :(

Anonymous said...

when i try to open this file it comes up with a load of sybols and letters .how do i fix that?

plz help:(

Brandon said...

Use Winrar to extract the rar and Pepakura Viewer to open up the pdo, and not a text reader like notepad or Microsoft Word. Check out the FAQ for more info.

Unknown said...

i love you guys! thanks for this! I am currently making it for a friend and he is really impressed!

Cbuizel said...

It was very fun to make! The only thing that was very difficult for me was the legs. Watch out for those!