21 January 2011


440 / HAPPINY - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Happiny
Type: Normal
Species: Playhouse Pokémon
Height: 0.6 m (2'2")
Weight: 24.4 kg (53.8 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Happiny is a female-only species with no male counterpart. They are shown to be surprisingly and extremely strong. Happiny are still babies and they cannot produce eggs yet. To make up for this, a Happiny will carry a white egg-shaped stone in her pouch to imitate it's evolved forms. She may cry if she doesn't have a stone to hold. This usually occurs directly after birth, because all Happiny are born without stones in their pouches. Happiny evolves into Chansey when leveled up while holding an Oval Stone during the day, who, in turn, evolves into Blissey via happiness.

Height: 18.0 cm/7.1 in
Width: 12.7 cm/ 5.0 in
Depth: 12.8 cm/5.0 in
Pages: 4
Pieces: 51
Level: Medium
Designer: POdragon
Photo: Skelekitty

NOTES: Build by numbers. Several different facial textures have been included in this pack (because they made us laugh). Along side the normal expression (above photo), there is a laughing face, a dizzy laughing face, and a dizzy (not-so-happy) face - the one you might see if you hit it on the head!

We've included the Cupcake template (see below). The candle can be found in the Mini Pokémon Birthday Cakes pack. We have also included only the lineless PDFs of all of these expressions, as you can print the lined PDF directly from the PDO. To change the textures you go to:
>select image from pack

Download: A4 / Letter
Download: Cupcake


Luis said...

Why this model not on sunday?? Loved this litle poke :D

Anonymous said...

naawwwww <3

Sarah :D said...

when i made the cupcake (after extracting it) i cant seem to delete the file. all it says is that it is being used by a programn or another person :P i dunno how it can be used by another person :P plzzz help!!!!