06 March 2011


600-601 / KLANG & KLINKLANG - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Klang (Gigiaru) & Klinklang (Gigigiaru)
Type: Steel
Species: Gear Pokémon
Height: 0.6 m (2′0″)
Weight: 51.0 - 81.0 kg (112.4 - 178.6 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: By changing the direction in which it rotates, it communicates its feelings to others. When angry, it rotates faster. Its red core functions as an energy tank. It fires the charged energy through its spikes into an area. Klinklang evolves from Klang starting at level 49 and is the final form of Klink.

Height: 15.8 cm / 5.9 in
Width: 17.6 cm / 6.8 in
Depth: 15.2 cm / 5.9 in
Pages: 6
Pieces: 38
Level: Easy
Designer: PMF
Photo: Skeleman

NOTES: Keep in mind that the texture in the picture isn't the one on the file. So the mouth isn't a "star" but a "V". Also, the only difference between Klang and Klinklang is the ring around the base.

The whole model is made of 5 parts and a base. You can find them on the template labeled as "Big Gear", "1 Top Left Gear", "2 Middle Gear" and "3 Bottom Gear".
The "Big Gear" is just 2 faces with a long strip making the side and a structural circle to glue inside.
The first one is a basic "Kling" so build the body and add the nose or not. Glue it on the top left arm of the "Big Gear" or build two to make a real "Kling".
The second one is glued in the middle of the Big Gear with the green bubble on the front. Make sure you can see the mouth and eyes thru it's arms.

The third one is glued right below the second one with the red bubble on top.
The circle is made of three long strips that make each face. You can just use one if you wanna make it easy. Also glue the spikes on every two sides or the circle.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

all 5th generation pokemon so far are cool

Anonymous said...

Why isn't this in .zip form?

Brandon said...

Because we use rar as well, which can be opened using Winrar.

Anonymous said...

if it is not uploaded in *zip format it doesn't let me upload it because it was attached wrong.

Brandon said...

Check the FAQ for how to open rar. It's a similar format as zip, it just has better compression, and uses Winrar to open it.
It wasn't attached wrong, it's just not a zip.

Anonymous said...

Um, Klinklang's outer ring seems disproportionally... small.

Pokéfan said...

O.M.G. This is my #1 favorite Pokémon!

Klinklang fan said...

Omg i would like if there would be a ver. 2 of this like a bigger ring.