02 April 2011


130 / GYARADOS - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Gyarados
Type: Water/ Flying
Species: Atrocious Pokémon
Height: 6.5 m (21′04″)
Weight: 235.0 kg (518.1 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: This Pokémon bears little resemblance to its docile pre-evolution. Gyarados is infamously known for its fierce temper and wanton destructive tendencies. Once it has worked itself into a frenzy, it will not calm until everything around it is destroyed—this tendency is attributed to the dramatic structural changes its brain undergoes during evolution. It evolves from Magikarp starting at level 20.

Height: 21.0 cm/ 8.3 in
Width: 11.0 cm/ 4.3 in
Depth: 27.0 cm/ 10.6 in
Pages: 5 (6 with base)
Pieces: 51
Level: Medium-Hard
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Brandon
NOTES: Start at the mouth, building the head first and closing at the tip of the tail. Attach the fins as you go.

Download: A4 / Letter


Kyle Dhyne said...

Finally! I think I know what I'm doing this week!

Jouzu said...

it's monstrous o.o but it will fit absolutely perfect above my fishtank!

Anonymous said...

WOW! i like it!

Anonymous said...

i like it!!

Unknown said...

Its so cool Brandon. i cant wait to start on this guy. Thanks

Shana said...

Cool!I wish I can build gyarados,but i've just started building medium models!

Unknown said...

This the first and only papercraft model I've made. I spent nine hours straight working to complete it. Thank you for releasing this model!

leafeon4ever! said...

the thing about this poke i dont understand is .. how is gyarados a flying type it hasnt got any wings???

Anonymous said...


I'm probally not going to make this condidering I can't make Charizard's head.

Charlotte Lynelle Snape said...

Ahh, yes! The atrocious pokemon! <3

I, myself, happen to be a gyarados.

Jason Teoh said...

i hv done it.....nice!!!!

OldSchoolDM said...

I'd really like to cut this model on my Silhouette HD, but every means I try (export as DXF,or resize to A4) requires Designer to have access to the file, which requires a password.

I'm willing to pay money, but would be happy just to have a set of DXF files. Drawing all of these lines by hand is pretty tedious.

Brandon said...

Could you send us an email, if you haven't already? I think I might know of something that could help, but it's easier to explain via email, since it requires more files.

OldSchoolDM said...

I went ahead and created .studio files by hand rather than mess around with crackers/rippers/whatever.

The build thread is over on Cardboard Heroes.


I'd like to build more of these, so I am still interested in how to use a cutter with them. I'll send a mail now.

Jayne said...

Guys, I can't figure out how to make the last part of the tail. How did you make the trident blue part (piece 45) stay at both sides of the white part (piece 46)? And how to put the white piece "inside" the blue piece? Help, please :D

Anonymous said...

I cant figure out where 3 and 4 are suppose to go. What am i doing wrong!!!

Unknown said...

I can't open the file, what do I do?