10 June 2012

Dear fellow papercrafters, 

 As we’re sure a few of you have noticed lately, model posting has kind of slowed below the expected schedule that we have kept since the start. A lot has been going around in our lives and the situation has led the team to be a little low on time, organization and even will to go on lately... And sadly, after talking together, we came to the conclusion that it won't be changing any time soon. 

Thus, after mutual agreement, we decided that we are not going to post models regularly anymore and also decided to take a break for a little while. We can tell you that there will be new models, just not when or how many. Of course, models already on the site will stay up and still be accessible. 

When we started Paperpokés, we were a bunch of friends who decided to get together and create things solely for the pure enjoyment of making Pokémon papercraft models. As sad as it can sound, a while ago we lost track of those simple reasons and started to view it not as a hobby, but as a job, where we had to produce new stuff before each deadlines even when we didn’t feel like it. This situation pretty much made each of us lose interest in making papercrafts one by one… 

Thank you everyone who encouraged us and followed us every Monday. We appreciate all of that and everyone who gave us the push to keep going for as long as we did. Without some support and encouragement, we wouldn't have even made it this far. 

However, as we said, sometimes the responsibility is too much, and we can't manage it. It was fun while it lasted, and it did indeed last for a long time (4 years in December) but everything must come to an end.

 We're just sorry it was so soon and abrupt. 

- The Paperpokés Team


Lena said...

It's really a penalty.
But considering what is becoming a kind of work, it becomes something really boring. I hope one day come back to the pleasure of doing papercrafts than as an obligation. (:

Spooner said...

Thank you all for all the love and dedication that you have put into your craft. Though I have just recently started papercrafting, I find that it is a good way to relieve stress and help to deal with many of the problems of life. Since I found this site, I have begun making Pokemon as gifts for my friends.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the joy and love you have shared with everyone.

Thanks again,


Aguvar said...

Man, what a shame things have to go this way, but they all mostly do in time. It's probably for the best not to feel forced to build models that are supposed to be for fun.
I just wanted the team to know the vast, very vast amount of entertainment and fun your models have given me for the past three years, how much more bearable those depressing, boring sundays have been made and how much you have helped me improve my buildig skills.
You are all fantastic for even starting a project like this.

Ivysaur98 said...

I know the way you guys all feel. A little while back (around 5 months ago) I also started to not feel like papercrafting was a hobby I enjoyed doing anymore. It became to feel like something I had to do, even though I didn't feel the same sitting and assembling them like I once did.

It is quite a shame that this has to happen, but everything to has to end at one stage or another. And Paperpokes has gone pretty far... When papercrafting comes back to me as a hobby, I hope it does for you guys as well.

I know that you guys have put a lot of effort into your work, and because of this you all definately needed to take a break at some point.

Your work has inspired me and most likely millions of other people worldwide.

Thank you all for your hard work on this project.


Stacie said...

Some people say that if something you do is a hobby you're suppose to enjoy it and have fun and it's never suppose to be boring! Clearly these people never had a hobby. All things we do even to relax stresses us in it's own ways. Thus the word hiatus was created!

You guys are amazing and all your work is amazing. It's totally understandable to get tired of something and need a break. Thank you for all you've done and hope to see you guys back when you feel good and ready!

Anonymous said...

Although this is really sad news, I'm glad there is still hope for new models in the future. I couldn't wait until the new models came out every Monday and they would never dissapoint, but I guess it would take a lifetime and a half to get every single Pokemon crafted.
It's a very understandable reason to do this, I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me that we wouldn't want you guys to continue this if you weren't happy with it.
I'm glad people are so understanding for you guys. ^_^
thank you for your creativity and something to look forward to on Mondays, it was fun while it lasted!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work, team Paperpokes! I've made quite a few of your models for some friends, and still have a bunch of them on my to-do list!

Feel free to take things at your own pace, you guys deserve a break.

richarmv said...

no deberia preocuparoslo demas, lo que de verdad importa es colgar figuras de papercraft para hacer felices a los internautas que en un momento confiaron en vosotros. No digo que tengais que hacerlo por obligación en un plazo de tiempo determinado, solo que las colgueis cuando querais, sin que lo dejeis.
Yo creo que hablo en nombre de todos, me quedaria un poco corto si ni siquiera terminarais los proyectos que teniais en mente, me quedaria en paz si terminarais la generacion 5.
Os animo a terminar la ultima generacion. animo!

Anonymous said...

i have made almost any model of this website
and they al where great
take this break

thank you



have a great time

Tomy said...

Well, I'll wait for you guys :D

Mark said...

It a sad news, guys. Thanks for all the hard works. I am a big fan of Pokemon, and your papercrafts is amazing. Thanks for bringing them closer to me.

I know that creating those papercrafts never be easy jobs. I understand your feeling. I did experience it myself. I hope you guys can continue this big project one day. I will continue to check your website every Monday, as always, hope to find a new model, even though it won't be a updated regularly.

I myself also take some break from building papercrafts after my last papercraft (it's not one of yours) doesn't build well because of the material problem. I have found some interesting papercrafts, and maybe I will start once I get the material needed.

Mark said...

It a sad news, guys. Thanks for all the hard works. I am a big fan of Pokemon, and your papercrafts is amazing. Thanks for bringing them closer to me.

I know that creating those papercrafts never be easy jobs. I understand your feeling. I did experience it myself. I hope you guys can continue this big project one day. I will continue to check your website every Monday, as always, hope to find a new model, even though it won't be a updated regularly.

I myself also take some break from building papercrafts after my last papercraft (it's not one of yours) doesn't build well because of the material problem. I have found some interesting papercrafts, and maybe I will start once I get the material needed.

Anonymous said...

Gracias equipo de Paperpokes por los modelos y su tiempo dedicado a ellos

Pecola said...

Thank you for all your work! As easy as papercrafting might be (in most cases) I feel that it would be hard to design papercrafts for fans every week because there's the designing and testbuilding and everything else. I was also scrolling down your blog and found that you were pessured because everyone kept requesting different models. so sorry, and you guys eally deserved a break.

Anonymous said...

Estare a la espera de nuevos modelos en el futuro.Fue divertido asomarme a hacer nuevos modelos todas las semanas mientras duro...
Gracias por todo su esfuerzo y dedicacion =D
Tienen ya su merecido descanso

Anonymous said...

It must be hard when people tell the models they want, and when they get mad that you weren't making them every Monday. Even if you guys stopped making these crafts forever, we would still have all of the others to choose from. Be proud that you made it this far, it's amazing!

Anonymous said...

You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Anonymous said...

Que noticia más triste... espero que algún día vuelvan a ser el gran equipo de fueron alguna vez.

Muchas gracias por todo el trabajo y la dedicación. Ha sido un enorme y maravilloso trabajo.

Suerte y ojala vuelvan!

What a sad new... I hope that someday you return to be the great team that you were once.

Thank you very much for all the work and dedication. It has been a wonderful job.

Good luck and Come Back someday!

Kiokami said...

I have to say I know exactly how you feel. I made cross-stitch wolves for friends and eventually started giving them away, custom ordered. I loved cross-stitching, but had so much trouble keeping deadlines because of my increased Odyssey of the Mind Schedule that I was forced to stay up late and work non-stop at home, and hurt alot of people when I could get everything done. Now, I only cross-stitch on occaision and not happily. I support you overall on the need to take a break, even if the break ends up being forever. What you do is not only amazing but alot of work. Please take your time and enjoy yourself insteadof tortuing yourself over this. Best of luck :D

Jay said...

Yeah, that's really sad, but we understand. We have to do what is fun for us, so, I believe you guys made the right decision. Thank you for all the great work you guys did, papercraft is much more than just craft, is a form of art. Well, good luck out there :D

Joshua said...

So sad, I was always rooting for you guys to make it to 100 percent! I've been following your site since when you guys were on blogspot and while I've given up making papercrafts now, I had lots of fun with them back when I had the time. I used to run a marching-band website and became so time-consuming that I understand exactly how you all must feel.

I am amazed that you have all stayed with it for so long. But all is not lost, I know you will make more crafts, it will just be when you feel like it! As we learned from Pokemon, it was never really about catching 'em all, it was about the adventure you had along the way :)

thirteenfury said...

Thanks so much for all the models over the years! There's definitely enough for me to build during your hiatus due to your hard work in papercrafting.

I'm sad you have to take a break. But not too sad since I know many skilled papercrafters will take on the pokes you haven't made yet. Who knows, maybe one day we'll have every poke (and character) as a paper model. :D

Thanks again for your time and effort in creating Paperpokes!


J said...

I've been papercrafting for a few years now. And it was through your site that I grew to love the hobby.

I remember the first Paperpoké I made was of Snorlax. Snorlax was the 3rd papercraft I made. The first two were very basic. I was surprised at how well it came out. It made me venture off to make more difficult ones and increase my skills. Thanks for the inspiration, Paperpokés Team. I admire all that you have done and how you all elevated the papercraft scene. :)

Anonymous said...

Old-time /po/oper here. Thanks for all your great work

Unknown said...

Now I can make the 40+ models I keep pushing off!

Anonymous said...

When I started papercrafting, this was probably the first site I found. It's been an amazing resource and all you guys really deserve a break. Congrats for all the hard work!

Anonymous said...

I will still look for a new every monday in the hope of seeing a new model of you fantastic guys! As Tomy said : we will wait for you!! <3 Rock on ! <3 <3

Acadra said...

I recently started papercraft three days ago and so far have only tried to make staryu. Its summer vacation for me and i hope your vacation time is as enjoyable as getting out from a year of school. Your work is great and gave me a hobby for building things. Have a nice vacation.

CyberWolf said...

Awww, now I can't make em' all! Really, though, I appreciate everything that you guys have done! Ever since my friend and I discovered this site two years ago, we have been making them every sleepover we've had. It's been a great hobby,and thanks for everything!

Ren said...

So sad.. Really enjoy it after so long time..
Hope you'll be back.. I'll waiting forever..

Good luck for the time being..

Thanks for all great work..

paperpokes lover from indonesia..

Jet306 said...


Hi paperpokes guys, I just knew about the sad news and quite frankly is a complete shame, your reasons are by far understandable however i must say I will miss u lots.

U know, im in college and is hard to combine this awesome hobby with school priorities, however i managed to build several models and u must remember me cause i built a 2.5 ft charizard, nidoking, latios, latias and onix.

I will wait for u guys in order to find in the future a giratina origin form, dialga, palkia, yes i had to express which models i was waiting for. So nothing more ot say by the moment but Im looking forward to see u back again.

Sincerely Isma.

Jenny said...

You guys are wonderful, it'll be sad without the weekly updates. But your reasons are perfectly valid :) Thanks to you, I've got enough papercrafts to hold me over for a few YEARS! ;)
Thank you for sticking with it as long as you did!

Anonymous said...

oh well...thank you guys for
making all of these...i hope you
guys get the motavation
to do these again someday,
i made alot and still making!.
you guys make enough to hold me and my sister for
like 7 years!

Anonymous said...

EU tenho 13 sou do Brasil e gostei muito dos paperpokes e não queria que parassem , porque e só fazer o modelo e colocar para as pessoas baixa e montar com uma foto do pokemon para identificar e não o modelo de papercraft já pronto porque isso da trabalho , e pararam logo quando iam fazer mamoswine o pokemon que espero faz 2 anos e logo agora que ficaram famosos em outros países vam parar é?

Anonymous said...

eu espero Mamoswine faz 4 anos e agora a minha espera foi em vau
mas confio que algum dia vocês fassam Mamoswine , eu tenho 13anos fassam mamoswine de despidida soul do Brasl e paperpokes esta virando um susseso

Emily the PEnguin said...

dman, I haven't come to this site in forever and this is what I come back to? <:{ gosh this is disappointing, but I can understand how stressful meeting deadlines can be. I hope that we see new ones in the future though...

bslbsl said...

Thank you guys for all the hard work, you have one of the best papercraft sites, I hope without the pressure, someday you return to make these awesome models.

I will miss waiting for monday, curious about what pokemon it'd be. Thank you all for the hours of pleasure.

Good luck guys.

(sorry for this part now, but as a brazilian papercraft fan, I need to reply this coment)

PS: Ao anônimo brasileiro de 13 anos, pare de ser uma criança mimada e não venha aqui falar algo tão estúpido como que é fácil fazer um modelo, se é tão fácil assim, faça você mesmo, mas não venha aqui menosprezar o trabalho desse grupo que deu muito duro ao longo de todas estas semanas falando algo que você se quer conhece
(in english)
PS: To the 13 years old brazilian anonymous, stop being a spoiled little child, don't come here saying something so stupid such as creating a model is easy, if it is so easy, you should do it yourself. Don't come here despising all the hard work those guys had all these weeks talking about something you don't even know.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I first came to this website less than a year ago... When I saw "New model every Monday" I was dead surprised. Looking at the models, they seem anything but easy to design, and with a group of like... not a lot, wow... thanks a bunch for everything... You really helped me through my most stressful year!! Please take ur time and rest up! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you guys again, just please RELAX for now :)

Anonymous said...

I understand completly why you would want to take a break from making the models and i can tell you for sure that i will wait for you guys to start posting again at your own rate and i will still check back regulary to see if any new ones have been made and to get templates to make more :-)
Cant wait for yous to start posting again :-) xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these papercrafts. i have loved every single one whether it was pokemon, chibi, trainer, etc. I hope that someday you will find enjoyment in it once again and no longer think of this as an obligation so that we may once more enjoy your brilliance and the papercrafts your team has constructed.

Anonymous said...

i want to see chibi flareon someday... :(

Anonymous said...

Will you finish the blue marked ones?
I will miss the monday feeling when ever i look for a new model. I am always fascinated how wonderful the models look. <3 <3 Rock on <3 <3

bastomihuda said...

yeah, i know how it feels. thank you so much guys. :D
just keep on great works and promise to us you'll be back.

speaktothewalls said...

Even though i'm new-ish to the site, you will be missed ]: thanks for all the great models. in fact, i'm building an eevee right now!

Enrique Ramirez said...

Hi Paperpokès team...

I got into papercraft because of a friend of mine who showed me a Blaziken... Since then, I can't stop doing your models... Pokèmons represent my childhood and now that I'm 18 I enjoy building this models with my friends from college, or challenging them to build a model in record times but also doing a good loking model...

I was in shock when I saw your final note... I can't go over the fact of accepting that you won't post models for a while... But also I can't wait to open this webpage and find a new model...

Your art is awesome and I hope you can get some time to post again...

Greetings from Colombia!


Enrique Ramirez
Papercraft and Pokèmon fan

hulk said...

hulk sad...

but thank you for the efforts over the years!

Kimixmeow said...

Would you consider new members for the team? I design papercraft pokemon every once in a while :p
see--> lilligant


Anonymous said...

Honestly, when i first heard that you guys would make one every Monday i was surprised. I thought, "How can they do something that hard in less than a week?" i had a feeling that it wouldn't last long...i guess i was right. But please, don't push yourselves trying to get some out every now and then. Take time for yourselves. Meet people. Have fun. Do things...When i first saw this site i felt that although it was great having a new Pokemon every Monday, would put pressure on you guys. My friends kept demanding charm bracelets that i used to make. Finally i said enough is enough. you guys really need to take a nice long break. every time i saw a new model here after your letter i would say, " Soon they'll be back on there feet."
when i made all those charm bracelets, it felt in a way like school. at certain times of the day i would sit down and work on them. now i took a break that i like to call 'summer vacation'. thats what you need to do. take a break. relax. and soon you'll be back on your feet.

-The Purple Chicken was here-

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the Pokes already posted. I always enjoyed finding new ones but it will take me years to build them all. I will think of PaperBuff each time I start a new Paper Poke.