01 April 2015


???/ Dalek - Doctor Who Papercraft
Name: Dalek
Type: Cyborg
Species: Exterminate Machine
Height: More than enough to EXTERMINATE universes!
Weight: Wouldn't be wise to ask ;)
Interesting Facts: The Daleks are a race of genetically engineered mutants. They name the Doctor (WHO?!) as their greatest enemy. Their plans can be summarized on a single word: "EXTERMINATE", which pretty much sums the Daleks themselves. For example, on this instance, they've exterminated Paperpokes!

Height: 13.2 cm / 5.1 in
Width: 7.3 cm / 2.8 in
Depth: 11.3 cm / 4.4 in
Pages: 3
Pieces: 99
Level: Medium-Hard
Designer: LuIS
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Not a simple model. Some small details, such as the arms and eye, and a very repetitive one with the 48 balls on the main part of the body. You'll start at these balls, glue them to the body right after it's cut, not even fold it. Proceed to the base (it has some details at the bottom, glue them before closing the base at the top) and build the model up. Before gluing the main part (49) to the base, glue the part on it's back. The part above the main one is simple, just remember to glue piece 65 to it before closing. The "neck" is next, followed by the top of the head, where you'll glue all the details BEFORE closing. Join the so called neck and the top of the head together and glue them to the body. Cut a hole inside piece 76 to pass the tube, and only after glue the eye, only after glue it to the place where it connects to the head. The "arms" are the hardest part, specially the left one. Take your time to cut it, and be patient, these stripes can be annoying. I included the textures for a couple more colors, but the pdf is only for the red one. In order to change the color you'll have to use the pdo, I also included a lineless one.

Download: A4 / Letter


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Are going to be more papercrafts of Pokemon??

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Hahaha very funny! Happy April Fool's Day guys! Nice paper craft!