28 August 2020

Brandon's non-Poke Models

Brandon's Non-Pokemon Models Resource 
L = Letter, A4

Skyrim - Halo - Bioshock - Fallout - Disney - Nintendo - Yugioh - Resident Evil - Legend of Zelda - Other
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Azura Star A4
Daedric Dagger A4

Daedric Dagger L


Timon  A4 / Letter 

White Wolfos A4, Build by Skelekitty


Download: 23cm 30cm
Download V2: 23cm 30cm (Textures from Ssingh511)

(Pdo not strictly PG for Yoko) 


TimBauer said...

Thanks for sharing these models. This post made me realise that the Nintendo Papercraft site is gone :(. That's really sad.
Are you going to upload more nintendo related models? Like the White Wolfos from Twilight Princess, designed by Brandon and built by Skelekitty?

Brandon said...

If I can find it, certainly! If anyone has suggestions for models that might be missing, just let me know, these were simply the 'easy to find' ones for now. I'll look around for more when I get a chance

TimBauer said...

Maybe I can help you out.
I still have it here on an USB. I save every papercraft I download, just in case websites dissappear, like what happened with Nintendo-Papercraft.
I have also several other models made by you guys, like Pixel-Kakashi's Bullet Bill and Bob-omb and Brandons Purple and White Pikmin.

Brandon said...

That would be very much appreciated - if you're able to send anything from the team along to paperpokes@gmail.com, we can get those added and accessible again. At your convenience of course, since I imagine it might take a few emails to send with upload limitations haha
Thanks again, too!

Caio said...

Yay! I thought the Purple and White Pikmin papercraft was gone forever, but its not!

Uriel_2015 said...

Thank you so much, I was looking for White Wolfos since years and I never find it .Until now :D