28 August 2020


189 / JUMPLUFF - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Jumpluff
Type: Grass/Flying
Species: Cottonweed Pokémon
Height: 0.8 m (2′07″)
Weight: 6.6 kg (3.0 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Jumpluff drifts on seasonal winds and can use its spores to masterfully maneuver itself around the globe. It will spread spores as it floats around to create offspring. It descends if it encounters cold air currents while it is floating. Though it spends a good amount of time in the air, it is commonly sighted above open temperate grasslands.

Height: 17.0 cm / 6.7 in
Width: 8.9 cm / 3.5 in
Depth: 19.2 cm / 7.6 in
Pages: 4
Pieces: 27
Level: Easy
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Feel free to submit your own at our email and we'll display the best/most creative!
NOTES: This one is actually pretty easy - the main thing you have to worry about is making the puffs stick. To help in this, the body builds from the top down, but the puffs build from the base outward - with this, you can leave the puffs open while pressing them onto the stem and body, and be sure they're stable before closing. Using wire in the 'stems' (17, 21, 25) shouldn't be *needed*, but could certainly be helpful to help support everything. 
Close the body at the bottom, and place the feet as desired. They're positioned at the bottom in the pdo, but you could always place them in Jumpluff's iconic hopping/floating position to give it a loftier look. 

Download: A4 / Letter


Eve said...

I'm so happy you're posting pokémon papercraft again!!!
This model is so cute!
May you try to make a galarian Ponyta for us? I'd like a lot :)

Anonymous said...

hi! this is super cute! i just want to recommend a few things ( you don’t have to do them these are already AMAZING)
1. another latias version
2 more legendary chibis (so beginners can do them)
3. more eeveelution chibis

thanks! if you can do them that will be great! (no rush)

Unknown said...

Hey, can you make meganium or amaura. I Verry like those pokemons