21 August 2020


772 & 773 / TYPE NULL & SILVALLY- Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Type Null & Silvally
Type: Normal 
Species: Synthetic Pokémon
Height: 1.9 (2.3) m (6′03″ [7'07"])
Weight: 120.5 (100.5) kg (265.7 lbs. [221.6])
Interesting Facts: Type: Null is a quadruped, chimeric Pokémon with traits from a variety of creatures. Its head is enclosed in a brown helmet with green markings, designed to suppress its power to stable levels. The helmet has a large jaw piece that wraps around the front with large, round hinges on the side.
Silvally is a quadruped, chimeric Pokémon with traits from a variety of creatures. It has a mammalian head with mechanical parts. Covering most of its head and neck is a thick, silver mane that extends down over its chest. Its blunt snout is metallic on the bridge of its nose and upper jaw. 

Height: 26.0 cm / 10.2 in
Width: 18.9 cm / 7.4 in
Depth: 23.9 cm / 9.4 in
Pages: 8 (Silvally)/9 (Null)
Pieces: 93 (Silvally)/111 (Null) 
Level: Hard
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Feel free to submit your own at our email and we'll display the best/most creative!
NOTES: Fun fact - Silvally and Type Null actually share the same body, with the head and a few minor features being the only difference. The way this template is set up allows you to build the body as one distinct piece, and swap out the heads if you build in something like a magnet inside the neck on each side. 
The template is numbered accordingly as well - Build the back legs and tail first (branching between N28-N33 for Type Null's tail, or S28-S33 for Silvally's. Move forward towards the front legs and neck, closing the body at the neck (piece 64 is where the first magnet would need to go to make the heads swappable). From here it gets way more divergent - the pieces beginning with N are for Type Null's head, and the pieces beginning with S are for Silvally's head. All of the pieces for Silvally's drive change are on the very last page - if you want to print off different pieces for this, all you have to do is change the Eye and Fin textures accordingly and print the last page. The head (and front legs, for that matter) of both of these are definitely the toughest pieces. Each has a decent amount of detail that can make them tricky, probably Type Null a bit more so than Silvally. Take the small pieces slowly and carefully, especially around the eyes and ears. N96 and S87 are the pieces of the neck for Null and Silvally respectively that would need a magnet as well, as they form the inner piece of the 'collar' that ends up attaching to the neck of the body. 

For the fin of the body (28-33), if you plan on interchanging between Silvally and Null, I'd suggest building it with Null's pieces (N28-N33) initially and sliding Silvally's over it afterward if desired. 

Download: A4 / Letter


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The A4 and Letter options at the bottom have download links in them - just click on the one you want and you'll be good to go