26 November 2020

CORVIKNIGHT - Happy Thanksgiving!

823 / CORVIKNIGHT - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Corviknight
Type: Flying/Steel
Species: Raven Pokémon
Height: 2.2 m (7'03″)
Weight: 75.0 kg (165.3 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Corviknight is said to be the strongest bird Pokémon in the Galar region, being able to scare off any Pokémon that tries to challenge it. Due to its intelligence and flying skills, Corviknight serves a company called Galar Taxi, where it transports people from one location to another. Corviknight preys on Bunnelby. It has violent territorial clashes with Skarmory.

Height: 19.0 cm / 7.5 in
Width: 45.2 cm / 17.8 in (This is the raised wings)
Depth: 23.9 cm / 9.4 in
Pages: 16 (No need to print last page)
Pieces: 98 (Raised Wings)/92 (Closed wings, pictured) 
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: CrafterWong
Chibi Corviknight pictured can also be found here!
NOTES: Build the model from the head down and attach the wings and legs when you get to the noted locations (further notes on last page, no need to print that). For the wings use the small dent, from part 23 and 24 to guide the wing placement. Be sure to build both/either set of wings from the tip upward as well, per numbers. Make sure the legs are attached and a small weight, I used two eraser caps, is put inside the model before closing the model. If you end up building the raised wings, it's also worthwhile to reinforce the joints for them on the inside (I would usually use scrap paper for that). 
Download: A4 / Letter

Chibi Corviknight pictured can also be found here!


Anonymous said...

So awesome! Thanks!

Ara said...

Is there any chance you could share the Letter pdf file without outline paddings?

Brandon said...

Yeah, sure:
No outline padding

Eve said...

Great! Could you try to bring a Galarian Ponyta? I love this Pokémon!

HelloHello said...

I am Korean. I love your work. It's so beautiful. Thank you!

Ara said...

Finally done!