01 January 2021


362 / MEGA GLALIE - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Mega Glalie
Type: Ice
Species: Face Pokémon
Height: 2.1 m (6′11″)
Weight: 350.2 kg (772.1 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Mega Glalie's jaw is dislocated because of the overwhelming energy, causing its mouth to extend to the length of its face. The lower jaw is all black except for two light-blue, conical, icy spikes. The pupils in Mega Glalie's eyes are now red instead of black. The horns on top Mega Glalie's head have been partially turned into ice, with the addition of a third horn on its forehead.

Height: 16.5 cm / 6.5 in
Width: 14.3 cm / 5.6 in
Depth: 15.5 cm / 6.1 in
Pages: 11
Pieces: 65 (Lots of spikes)
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: CrafterWong
Chibi Mega Glalie pictured can also be found here!
NOTES: Build the top of the head first. Then build the inner and upper part of the mouth as well as the tongue and piece 20 before working outward. Attach the mouth to the head once the two sections  are built. Next, build the rest of the outer part of the mouth besides piece 26. Glue all the exterior pieces to the model. Once everything is attached, glue piece 26 to the mouth at the bottom, closing the model. Pay close attention to spikes 31, 32, and 35 that go on top of piece 26 as these spikes create a tripod allowing the model to stand by itself. Besides that, I hope you enjoy building.

Download: A4 / Letter

Chibi Mega Glalie pictured can also be found here!

(Snorunt has since shrunk a bit) 


chamomie invites & favours said...

is there any tutorial because i find it hard to find wich piece goes where

Brandon said...

If you're able to use Pepakura to open the pdo file, that's the best way to navigate it really - shows the 3D, how everything falls into place, and you can use the Check Corresponding Face option to directly check where pieces go.

If you're unable to use Pepakura, we've been including Edge ID pdf files with everything lately too, which have numbers that match edges that go together. Less visual for sure, but still helpful to match everything up.

NW said...

This set is amazing! The Snorunt line is one of my favorites. I'd love to see Froslass get a v2 updated model to match. :)


Me encanta !!