23 April 2021


555 / GALARIAN DARMANITAN ZEN - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Galarian Darmanitan Zen
Type: Ice/Fire
Species:  Zen Charm Pokémon
Height: 1.7 m (5'07″)
Weight: 120.0 kg (264.6 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan resembles a snowman with red eyes and a warped smile on its false top "head", and an angry grin on its lower body, showing razor-sharp teeth. It has two orange hands that resemble mittens on either side of its body and a flame sticking out of the head as its "carrot nose". When it enters Zen Mode, the dormant flame sac reignites back to life. This causes Galarian Darmanitan to change from a gentle disposition into a rampaging state, unleashing fire everywhere without any care for its surroundings, nor if its body starts to melt, making it a threat to others and themselves. It will continue rampaging indiscriminately until its rage is completely gone.

Height: 15.2 cm/ 6.0 in
Width: 13.3 cm/ 5.2 in
Depth: 19.5 cm/ 7.7 in
Pages: 4
Pieces: 27
Level: Easy
Designer: Brandon
Photo: CrafterWong
Chibi shown can be found here as well! 
NOTES: Build the model from the head down attaching the flame before you start building the bottom half of the model. Close the model with piece 27, using the opening to place a small weight inside the model on piece 26 to get the model to stand by itself. Primarily you're counterbalancing the flaming nose here. 

Download: A4 / Letter

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