14 November 2008


261 / POOCHYENA - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Poochyena
Type: Dark
Species: Bite Pokémon
Height: 0.5 m (1' 8")
Weight: 13.6 kg (30.0 lbs)
Interesting Facts: It savagely threatens foes with bared fangs. It chases after fleeing targets tenaciously. It turns tail and runs, however, if the foe strikes back. Also, Poochyena and Mightyena can both learn Sucker Punch, but they don't have any fists. It evolves into Mightyena at level 18.

Height: 7.6 cm/3 in
Width: 9.2 cm/3.6 in
Depth: 4.5 cm/1.8 in
No. of Pages: 1
Level: Easy
Designer: POdragon
Photo: POdragon

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

Not as easy as hoppip XD but an awesome model, great job!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, isnt this the smallest papercraft on blog?

PMF said...

Nope, Hoppip is smaller. :P

Zach said...

hey, im making this now, and using a mac, i can't see the pepakura instrutions, could someone give me a basic rundown, where to start, where to close e.t.c