26 November 2008


208 / STEELIX - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Steelix
Type: Steel/Ground
Species: Iron Snake Pokémon
Height: 9.2 m (30' 2")
Weight: 400.0 kg (881.8 lbs)
Interesting Facts: Steelix is the second longest known Pokémon, surpassed in length only by Wailord. Steelix live far underground, miles from the surface. They don't often surface above ground unless provoked. They can be found roaming around in deep caverns and tunnels. It is said that when an earthquake happens, multiple Steelix are battling far below the surface. It evolves from Onix by trade with a Metal Coat.

Height: 20.0 cm/7.9 in
Width: 29.4 cm/11.6 in
Depth: 31.9 cm/12.6 in
No. of Pages: 9
Level: Medium
Designer: POdragon
Photo: Cotton Eyed Joe
NOTES: Don't mind the sizes up there, you can glue the body any way you want.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

:( dang, I cant open rar files D,: Could it possibly be transfered to a nother type of file? Because I really want to build this awesome model.

PMF said...

you can find a program to open rar files in our links section: http://paperpokes.blogspot.com/2008/10/links.html

Anonymous said...

He is cool, but can you make the mouth black?

Anonymous said...