08 December 2008


181 / AMPHAROS - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Ampharos
Type: Electric
Species: Light Pokémon
Height: 1.4m (4' 7")
Weight: 61.5 kg (135.6 lbs)
Interesting Facts: Ampharos gives off so much light that it can be seen even from space. People in the old days used the light of this Pokémon to send signals back and forth with others far away. It evolves from Flaaffy starting at level 30. It is the final form of Mareep.

Height: 16.0 cm
Width: 13.4 cm
Depth: 9.6 cm
No. of Pages: 4
Level: Medium
Designer: POdragon
Photo: Lyrin
NOTES: Ampharos' head, orbs and the soles of its feet may be built without folds. And a tip if the feet aren't perfectly aligned and Ampharos cannot stand perfectly, Lyrin suggests that you may tie a string around the ankles, and pull 'till the soles lay flat on the table. Leave Ampharos like this at least for a night. This way the legs will gently bend and Ampharos will stand.

Download: A4 / Letter
Ampharos comes with an optional skateboard accessory courtesy of Lyrin.


Anonymous said...

I cant view the natu papercraft! It dosen't work when I download it.


Do you mean Ampharos or Natu? I downloaded both of them and they both work fine for me.

Which file are you trying to view - the PDO or the PDF?

jmcgreevy said...

i haven't made any pokemon yet what would be the best starter? im only 13 would making these be too hard for me? would u ever be making a flaaffy their my favourite? PLease reply!!!!


If you've never made Papercraft before, we probably would not recommend building Ampharos. But then again, many people start off making a medium-level model and achieve a really good result.

You never know until you give it a go. Just don't be disheartened - you only get better with practice.

For the best results, take a look at our FAQ (above) for tips and hints.

Anonymous said...

I cant open ampharos, Celebi, blissey, flareon, flygon, and crawdant's file, and i was wondering when r u guys going to make a milotic model.

Anonymous said...

i'm also 13 and I don't think age matters i've been building papercrafts since i was 8. my first papercraft pokemon was Dewgong

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed putting this together, the only issue i had was the orb on it's tail it was a bit tricky! Still fun and I'm so happy to have an Ampharos! I adore its size too, thank you so much <3

Anonymous said...

Do you have a mareep papercraft?
They're adorable!
I saw a pic of a mareep papercraft on deviantart, and was wondering if it came from you.

Brandon said...

If it was from Toshi's dA, yeah, that's ours. It'll be up on the site when it gets a spot.

ampharos777 said...

i love it
everyone below this line is jelly

Maria said...

I really like ampharos and the model i would say that the orb on th tail is quite difficult

Unknown said...

I love this model! maybe you could make a ver. 2 because he isnt very bright which is the only thing i am disappointed about.

thelastwhitelion said...

I've been working on this and for some reason trying to make the legs is really difficult. It's not any problem with the model but i can't get any part of the leg to fit well together.

Unknown said...

Me encanta ampharos y mas su mega evolución !!