02 July 2010

BLAZIKEN (4th of July)

257 / BLAZIKEN - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Fire/Fighting
Species: Blaze Pokémon
Height: 1.905 m (6'03")
Weight: 52.1 kg (114.6 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Blaziken is mostly red in coloration, with accentuations of beige, yellow, and gray. Blaziken appears to have long, beige-colored, hairlike feathers extending behind its head, continuing downward to envelop some of its chest and abdomen. Blaziken’s small, red-colored face is almost completely covered in feathers. It has a crest on its head with two points, which resembles the letter "V". Blaziken has three spiky extensions on the sides of its face, much like Gardevoir’s. Blaziken’s eyes are semicircular in shape, with yellow scleras and blue irises, and Blaziken's mouth is a hooked beak. The continuation of the "hair" from its head on its chest and abdomen makes Blaziken appear as if it's wearing a sleeveless jacket on its torso. Blaziken’s strong, muscular legs give it immense lower body strength, helping its kicking and jumping abilities. Blaziken has three fingers on each hand, resembling that of a normal chicken’s feet, with what appears to be gray-colored wristband-like markings on its wrists. Blaziken has spur-like claws on the underside of its upper leg, and, although rarely seen due to the shaggy feathers on the bottom of its legs, three clawed toes. It can leap over a skyscraper with a single jump. It can make flames spout from its wrists and ankles, cloaking its feet or fists. The stronger the foe it faces, the more intensely its flames burn. It may also launch a fiery kick at the opponent.

Height: 18.4 cm/7.25 in
Width: 18.6 cm/ 7.3 in
Depth: 15.5 cm/6.1 in
No. of Pages: 5 (4 if built without mirrored pieces)
No. of Pieces: 60
Level: Hard
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Brandon
NOTES: This isn't an exceptionally hard model for anyone with experience. Labeled hard for those who don't have very much experience. Build order included in download.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

perfect as usual!!!! U guys r amazing

bated15 said...

Well this is a nice surprise! Awesome job you guys :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome, printed this last night and am about to start on him! Looks awesome, and I'm so happy there's finally a papercraft of my favorite Pokemon!!

Anonymous said...

plzzzzzzzzzzz charizard, gible, claydool, bronzong, scyter!!! PLZZZZ
i hav already saw'em on your devianart group and i can't wait to build'em!!!! as always PERFECT!!!

Wordwyrm said...

OK, little bit of constructive criticism here. Not about the model, the model is great, wonderful, in fact. But you've left me without a way to print it up lineless with overflowed textures. The best I can do in PepViewer is to erase all lines. Even the piece borders. I understand that you'd want to keep your models safe so you lock the PDO's; all I'm saying is, maybe you should make sure all your PDF's have overflowed textures. Then those of us who use them can have them and everyone else can cut them off.
Go America & PaperPokes!!!

Jarvi O... :D said...

excellent congratulations, be amazed

PMF said...

to KingMudkip: I do think it's a good idea but I'm pretty sure you can do the same thing in Pep VIewer.

Click on the "panint brush" icon or,
"View Overflow Paint" in the "View" tab.
You can also configure it in "Setting -> Other Settings -> General Settings -> Paint flaps... and Amount of Overflow Paint..."

PMF said...

the infos was on the FAQ page too btw :\

Wordwyrm said...

Buddy, you missed the second half of what I was saying. I can't get the overflowed paints [i]with a linelsss print[/i]. I already knew about the paintbrush button, but the only way I know of removing lines in Pep Viewer also removes the border lines. And that won't work well with overflowed paint. :\

Anonymous said...

hey when I finish this model can I post a picture of mine on deviantart.com ? I'll give the designer and website credit for designing and creating it, I just built it

Brandon said...

Yeah, of course ya can. Actually, if you show us when it's done, we can feature it in our album on our Facebook page.