31 October 2011


??? / MAROWAK'S GHOST - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: The Ghost of Cubone's Mother
Type: Normal
Species: Literal Ghost Pokémon
Interesting Facts: In Lavender Town, Team Rocket attempted to steal the skulls of all Cubone, in order to sell them for large amounts of money. One Cubone, however, was protected by its mother. The Cubone escaped, but its mother was killed. As a result, the Marowak's ghost remained in the Lavender Town Pokémon Tower, forbidding access to the topmost floor. She appears in disguise and is able to avoid all PokéBalls that are thrown at her. She is so scary, that opponent's Pokémon are too frightened to attack. However, her true form can be reveled with the use of a Silph Scope and subsequently battled. Once she has been defeated, her soul may find its peace and she can finally depart to the afterlife.

Height: 16.0 cm/6.3 in
Width: 14.2 cm/ 5.6 in
Depth: 14.4 cm/6.7 in
Pages: 4
Pieces: 22
Level: Easy
Designer: POdragon
Photo: Skelekitty
NOTES: This is a really easy and fun model. Before gluing the first piece at the top of the head together, don't forget insert a long strand of micro-filament for it to hang with. To close, pop the tip of tail on with a generous amount of glue. After you have finished the body and the hands separately, use some superglue along the vertical back edge of the hands (where the wrist would be) and attach to the body. Hang from your ceiling and go "Wooooooooo!" *wiggle fingers*

Download: A4 / Letter


Feuer said...

Total epicness!


Anonymous said...

4 in a row! Score!

Stacie said...

Reminds me of the legend of the Pokemon Black Hack.


This video freaked me out when I saw it last year... I get scared easily :D

DragoonSouls said...

Use the Silph Scope Quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Could someone PLEASE make a guide to the hands? Everyone I've asked to help me has been stumped.

Anonymous said...

its gonna kill us all!

Anonymous said...

Somebody now should do MissingNo

P.S(sorry for my bad english)i am italian.

Anonymous said...

I asked my mom if I could hang these out the porch while I put on a occational Cubone Cry for Halloween, she said yes which makes me so happy! (I bet she didn't know what a cubone was)

Unknown said...

wait hang on a sec cubone's don't have mothers they wear the skull's of their dead mother 0.o

Unknown said...

I am having some trouble with the hands. Can someone please tell me how to assemble them?

vwx said...

ta re vacan cuando termine el ditto voy hacer este :D
esta re jelou voy 4 pokemones terminados con estos dos son 6 gran trabajo :D