17 March 2011


153 / BAYLEEF - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Bayleef
Type: Grass
Species: Leaf Pokémon
Height: 1.2 m (3′11″)
Weight: 15.8 kg (34.8 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Bayleef resembles a pale yellow sauropod dinosaur, or a lizard, with curled leaf-like growths, stated to be buds with small tree shoots inside, sprouting in a ring around its neck. A large leaf shaped like a scythe protrudes from its head. It has red eyes, and has one large toenail on each foot. It also has a small tail.

Height: 18.0 cm/ 7.1 in
Width: 13.0 cm/ 5.1 in
Depth: 20.1 cm/ 7.9 in
Pages: 4
Pieces: 32
Level: Medium-Hard
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Carnilmo
NOTES: Instructions included with download. Be sure to insert the bracer and attach the leaves to the bracer before continuing too far into the body. Close at the tail.

Download: A4 / Letter


leafeon4ever! said...

wasnt there already a bayleaf??

Anonymous said...

What do I have to do with piece 20?

Brandon said...

Insert it into the neck in line with the holes that should be there already (the white spots should be cut out). It will provide more support for gluing the leaves into the neck.

Bayleaf said...

Can you guys PLEASE try to make a chibi Bayleef? Once it comes out, I'll get it EMEDIATELY it's one of my MOSE FAVORITES!!!!! Ok, I'm going over-board. But please try, it's ok if you don't get a chance, but maybe a second/easier version of Bayleef? It would be AWESOME