28 October 2011


353 / SHUPPET - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Ghost
Species: Puppet Pokémon
Height: 0.6 m (2'00″)
Weight: 2.3 kg (5.1 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Shuppet roams about at night in cities, seeking such negative emotions as grudges and envy. If someone develops strong feelings of vengeance, Shuppet will appear in a swarm and line up beneath the eaves of that person's home. It retreats to its nest when the sun begins to rise.

Height: 11.9 cm/ 4.7 in
Width: 6.4 cm/ 2.5 in
Depth: 6.5 cm/ 2.6 in
No. of Pages: 2
No. of Pieces: 13
Level: Easy
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Olber
NOTES: Build from the top of the head, following the numbers. Close at the bottom and insert the inner part of the body, sealing it.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised there isn't a ranch/chibi version of Shuppet. :\ But he's so adorable. ^_^ I have to start building now!

Anonymous said...

how can I change the mouth?

Anonymous said...

aww cute i need to make shuppet now,i hope he turns out good!