01 April 2013


??? / BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Disney Papercraft
Name: Belle and Adam
Type: FairyTale Romancers
Species: Human/Beast
Height: Varied
Weight: Average
Interesting Facts: In Disney's variant of the tale, the Beast originally appeared to be constantly angry, depressed, and spoiled. As opposed to his original counterpart, the creators gave him a more primal nature to his personality, which truly exploited his character as an untamed animal.
Belle is a very attractive 17-year old young woman. Although she is known throughout her village for her beauty, she is quite ignorant of her own appearance, but ironically greatly aware that her fellow citizens think of her as "odd" and "peculiar".

Height: 40.0 cm/ 15.7 in
Width: 37.1 cm/ 14.6 in
Depth: 30.6 cm/ 12.0 in
No. of Pages: 10 (Belle), 15 (Beast)
Level: Hard
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Brandon
NOTES: These are both fairly tough models, and the templates are not numbered. An edge ID pdf is included to help those who can't use the pdo, but using the pdo is strongly advised. Considerable experience is advised as well.

For Belle, build from the hair down, attaching the arms as you go. Once you get past the waist, everything gets exponentially easier. Just be careful and take your time with everything above it. Close at the bottom of the skirt and attach the legs with a bit of glue and pressure.

For Adam, take a similar approach- start from the horns down, taking special care with the face and collar. Close at the end of the pant leg, and attach the legs with glue/pressure. Be sure to re-enforce the tail quite a bit, as it's the biggest weak point. It is also advised to put weight in the tail to help him stand, yet another reason to re-enforce the connection to the body/tail.

Download: A4


Ves said...

Aren't you going to do anymore of pokemon?

Anonymous said...

xD Hah, I was scared at first. But then I realized that it's April Fool's Day.

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Good Appril fools :p

Anonymous said...

It's April Fools'.
Don't be silly, they will!!
It's a joke...

CONGRATULATIONS, these models look hard!!

Anonymous said...

ah it was a good trick but don't do that again.seriously

Anonymous said...

Here isn´t Disney Papercraft

Anonymous said...

it's cute... but...
this isn't paperdisney.net
are you wrong? xD

Anonymous said...

i had a heart attack when i saw these was like What happened to the Pokes? then i saw the april fools comments. Great joke and even greater models!

Anonymous said...

why beauty and the beast

W҉O҉L҉F҉_Y҉T҉ said...

Are you serious guys? Okay, this is tomorrow...
3 Years ago!
But its a nice design ;)