27 June 2013


249 / Shadow Lugia - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Lugia
Type: Psychic/Flying
Species: Diving Pokémon
Height: 5.2 m (17'01")
Weight: 216.0 kg (476.2 lbs)
Interesting Facts: Lugia is the version mascot of Pokémon Silver, its remake Pokémon SoulSilver, and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, appearing on the boxart of them all. In Pokémon XD, Shadow Lugia, codenamed XD001, is a main part of the storyline, and Cipher's ultimate Shadow Pokémon.

Height: 21.8 cm/ 8.6 in
Width: 31.1 cm/ 12.2 in
Depth: 26.1 cm/ 10.3 in
No. of Pages: 9
Level: Hard
Designer: LuIS & Brandon
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Instructions included. Only print the parts needed for building (Pages 2-10), excluding the last page for Shadow Lugia or Lugia, as they're used for the opposite one. Packs included for both.
Be sure to enforce the joints of the legs and wings, as they're the weaker points of the mode (and could collapse otherwise).

Download: Shadow Lugia A4 / Shadow Lugia Letter   -    Lugia (Mirrored) A4 / Lugia (Mirrored) Letter


Anonymous said...

Hot damn this is cool!

Anonymous said...

Way better than your last one. Well done on the new model! Will make straight away as our holidays start today!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I've been waiting years for a good lugia model.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap this is amazing!

My printer is going to hate me for all the lugias I'm going to print out and make! :)

Anonymous said...

Love Obscur Lugia !

Anonymous said...

Keep making more over the summer amazing Lugia

Lucas Roos said...

WOW guys, you sure do some amazing work, it really turns into a nice and different gift
just impressive
one question? is typhlosion in line? and shiny cyndaquil?

Anonymous said...

Internet usage has run out, I can only start it when it gets renewed ._.

Anonymous said...

I know how you could make a non-mirrored normal Lugia (in the same pose as the Shadow Lugia),
Download both but get the texture from the file of Normal Lugia and put it in the texture of the PDO of Shadow Lugia. It will look like Normal Lugia but without it being mirrored!

Sarah Ling said...

Thank you for making this awesome Lugia Model (My favorite pokemon btw)! This will be a part of my 2nd gen legendaries collection!

Anonymous said...

Nice work! I understand you guys are semi-retired, but can you please make papercrafts on the new gen of Pokemon? :)

Anonymous said...

I need help! When I print a site the skin of Lugia is purple and not normaly white. Can someone help me?

Anonymous said...

I can't open any of the files! Winrar and Winzip say the file is either unknown or damaged and I've downloaded the files a few times just to be sure but they wont open at all.

Tsukiyo said...

Help! Lugia's toes are on the 11th page of the .pdo but there's no page 11 on the pdf! Could you put Lugia's feet online, please? :)

Javier Dagnino said...

OMG i loved XD. that in my opinion is one of the best pokemon games in existance. i can't wait to try this one out!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol Lugia Needs A Hug x3

Phan Sang said...

F*cking awsome... but it's lack of the last page... plz fix and update