07 October 2015


414 / MOTHIM - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Mothim
Type: Bug/Flying
Species: Moth Pokémon
Height: 0.9 m (2′11″)
Weight: 23.3 kg (51.4 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Mothim is a moth like Pokemon with two sets of wings, with oval markings on them. It has antennaes running along the edges before extending and widening above its head. The body is black with a stripe on it. It also has a gray stripe down on the back. It has legs and a black split tail. It is a nomadic, nocturnal that searchs for honey and nectar, but instead of gathering honey on its own, it hives of Combees. It's a male only species, the female counterpart beeing Wormadam.

Height: 15 cm / 5.9 in
Width: 33.1 cm / 13 in
Depth: 8.1 cm / 3.2 in
Pages: 3
Pieces: 41
Level: Easy
Designer: LuIS
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Start the model at the top at the head and follow the numbers down. Glue the antennae as the numbers get to them. Close the body at the bottom and glue the detail bellow it after. Proceed to the legs and glue the arms, you can follow the pdo or glue them on a different way. The last thing you'll do is glue the wings, Glue the big ones on the inside and the smaller ones lastly a bit behind the big ones (refer to the pdo).

Download: A4 / Letter

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