15 November 2008


249 / LUGIA - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Lugia
Type: Psychic/Flying
Species: Diving Pokémon
Height: 5.2 m (17' 1")
Weight: 216.0 kg (476.2 lbs)
Interesting Facts: It is often considered to be closely related to Ho-Oh, even sometimes as its polar opposite, represented by Silver is Lugia as "guardian of the seas", and Gold represents Ho-Oh as "guardian of the skies." It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

Height: 5.7 cm/2.2 in
Width: 12.1 cm/4.8 in
Depth: 8.4 cm/3.3 in
No. of Pages: 1
Level: Medium
Designer: POdragon
Photo: none

Download: A4 / Letter

Height: 30.0 cm/11.8 in
Width: 52.3 cm/20.6 in
Depth: 41.2 cm/16.2 in
No. of Pages: 10
Level: Hard
Designer: Pixel-Kakashi
Photo: Cotton Eyed Joe
NOTES: Use strong paper for the area on his body around his wings, they are very heavy. Also, when making the wings, build the 'fingers' first and then glue them on. Have fun, and goooood luck.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

I love this design! I encourage you guys to continue production. (PLEEEEEEASSSSE!!!)

Unknown said...

Im a 3d modeller and papercraft images like these help me alot, thanks!
Only it would be great to have a front view, side view etc.

Anonymous said...

Do you have instructions on how to build any of these paper crafts?
It you dont then you should get some cause i am not good at building these things without instructions

(it is fun though but i would prefer instructions)

Anonymous said...

i think ho-oh and lugia are also opposite cause one is storms and the other is rainbows

Anonymous said...

Wait.....There's two models? Could someone show me how to see the first model?

Brandon said...

You can download the second model underneath the second download area.
THE PAPER MODEL 2 is the one pictured, and THE PAPER MODEL 1 is a much simpler version, and both downloads are on this page.

Anonymous said...

i put the wings in the hole of the body but i can't see this on the picture:P

Anonymous said...

i love the first version!!

Carly said...

So beautiful <3 I love Lugia, he is defiantly my favorite pokemon <3 btw, I understand you must get requests a lot, but consider making ho-oh. Lugia seems a little lost without ho-oh dont you think?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. The second model is humungai!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for this question but, where do i find the pdo for this model??? i thought it would be in this page but i just simply can't find it!! help please XD

hisoandso said...

I need help putting together the first model because I don't know what it is supposed to look like much less build it. A tutorial would help.

Anonymous said...


You need to download pepakura viewer and open the .PDO file in the download. You can then see what parts attach to what. Build it in the order that you see the parts on the sheet. Head > Neck > Body > Wings > Legs > tail. please see the paperpokes FAQ for more information. Your question has been answered before.

@ anon may 13. Hit download A4/Letter. It will give you a zip with all files.